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The personal robot is coming for you and your job

April 13th 2015

Humans just love robots and there is a great deal of work going on to build mechanical robots and in some cases give them enough AI smarts so they can function as companions or maybe even workers. This is a new world that’s just getting started. Robbie the Robot will never die – he is part of our cultural imagination. Our memories of Robbie, and maybe for you less intellectual types, the Jetsons’ Rosie, have a lot to do with how we’re imagining personal robots coming to our homes … maybe. Read more at GraphicSpeak

The ultimate selfie and safety - Who’s driving your car?

Techwatch April 14th 2015

Autonomous vehicles are coming. In a year or two, three max, autonomous cars will be operating on the highway, but probably not in city and residential streets. However, we won’t instantaneously have highways filled with autonomous cars. About 100,000 cars are built each year, and there are more than 3 million cars on the road, so at that production rate it would take 30 years to replace all the cars. However, we can get our old jalopies to give us some of the benefits by using our smartphones. They won’t take over steering and breaking, but they can warn …

Predictions for the year of the horse: it’s looking pretty cloudy

It’s the year of the horse, and it’s pretty much anyone’s guess what that means for the year ahead, but it is a perfectly nifty device to hang an editorial on. There are the obvious associations. Horses are strong, they work hard, they have lots of energy, and they …Click here to read this blog entry

Deep-dive article on Nvidia’s Tegra K1 revised

In this deep-dive rundown and analysis of Nvidia’s Tegra K1 SoC, announced at CES in January, JPR analyst Alex Herrera previously presented his opinion on the relative long-term merits of two different GPU architectures. In that piece, Alex stated that for the long term, he would personally prefer an …Click here to read this news article

Baby you can drive my car

So much of the news coming out of CES was focused around cars and robots that no one is even talking much about the latest, greatest, most giant TV in the world, whatever it is. A contender is Vizio’s 120-inch Ultra HD, Samsung’s high- and ultra-high-def 102-inch curved TV. …Click here to read this blog entry

20 Pounds of AR

”Good morning sir, and welcome to Waltmar,” the smiling older gentleman with wavy silver hair said, his false teeth shining in the sunlight, ” how can we help you today? We’re having a sale on 720p pixels, and there’s still some DVDs left if you hurry.”   “Thanks,” Ranger …Click here to read this blog entry

Facebook as the new model

They’re probably doomed now At Autodesk University we heard several people describe something as the “Facebook of Engineering” or the “Facebook of CAD.” It’s funny, after a year or so of being de¬clared dead, Facebook has risen as the model for communication. Just a quick Google search also revealed …Click here to read this blog entry