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The personal robot is coming for you and your job

April 13th 2015

Humans just love robots and there is a great deal of work going on to build mechanical robots and in some cases give them enough AI smarts so they can function as companions or maybe even workers. This is a new world that’s just getting started. Robbie the Robot will never die – he is part of our cultural imagination. Our memories of Robbie, and maybe for you less intellectual types, the Jetsons’ Rosie, have a lot to do with how we’re imagining personal robots coming to our homes … maybe. Read more at GraphicSpeak

The ultimate selfie and safety - Who’s driving your car?

Techwatch April 14th 2015

Autonomous vehicles are coming. In a year or two, three max, autonomous cars will be operating on the highway, but probably not in city and residential streets. However, we won’t instantaneously have highways filled with autonomous cars. About 100,000 cars are built each year, and there are more than 3 million cars on the road, so at that production rate it would take 30 years to replace all the cars. However, we can get our old jalopies to give us some of the benefits by using our smartphones. They won’t take over steering and breaking, but they can warn …

Nvidia and Qualcomm share design win at Xiaomi

Xiaomi 5-inch MI3 smartphone: for $327 Rising star Chinese smartphone builder Xiaomi has released its latest smartphone the Xiaomi MI3 with a starting price of just $327. Xiaomi plans to offer two versions of the phone, one for China Unicom with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, and another for China Mobile …Click here to read this news article

The back-to-school season kicks off with a bang

Intel’s IDF promotes the Internet of things and Apple introduces new things It’s back-to-school time and the news is coming really thick and fast. Is Apple doomed? Is the PC dead? Did Miley Cyrus do anything really embarrassing in the last 24 hours? We’re all going back to school …Click here to read this blog entry

Five years: yet another long strange trip …

And in half the time! I was asked recently to write about the five most important market develop¬ments of the last five years. I have no idea why; David Letterman was busy or something. As I considered what I would write about, I found myself thinking about how mobile …Click here to read this blog entry

Systems thinking and the individual

Companies and users are not on the same page Recently, I wrote an article in CGW about Adobe’s march to subscription and a long time Adobe customer sent a simple terse comment: ain’t ever going to subscribe, ever, she said. She, like so many people, hates the idea of …Click here to read this blog entry

Seeing more

Tablets have screen sizes from 7-inches to 20-inches and sell for $70 to over $1,200. They have PPI ranging from 132 to 339. Factoring that data for some of the more popular devices we produced the following chart of the cost per megapixel.   Ironically, the lowest cost tablet, …Click here to read this blog entry