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Our TechWatch Quarterly, Q1’14 edition is now available

April 8th 2014

We have compiled some of our best articles, reviews and editorials from the first quarter 2014 and made them available in a new quarterly review. You can download the new quarterly edition HERE. You will find our best articles on CES, SXSW, new chipsets, the Mobile industry and our entertaining editorials.

This week in TechWatch

    • NAB 2014: Avid Customer Association, Aja’s new 4K camera, Belden on a spending spree, Projection technology
    • AMD ON TRACK: AMD on Android, New AM1 platform
    • EDITORIAL: Microsoft?
    • MT. TIBURON TESTING LABS: Benchmarking the AMD FirePro W9100
    • THE BACK PAGE: Early or late, big or little, high or low?

Early or late, big or little, high or low?

Techwatch April 15th 2014

Where you are on the curve—depends on the product You’ve all seen the classic technology adoption curve (top right).  It’s OK, easy to understand, and to draw, but I think it’s wrong when it comes to computers (and I include smartphones in that categorization for this discussion). I think it’s more like a Poisson distribution (middle right). We will all be on different parts of the curve depending on our need (for a faster computer, a higher resolution screen, and more powerful graphics AIB, etc.), our desire (same list), our budget, and the availability of the product (which could …

Innovation; what takes so long?

The subject for today is innovation. Isn’t it always? Yeah, but innovation isn’t something that can be tapped like a maple tree; it doesn’t arrive just because you sent a trainload of cash to go get it. After a long silence, AMD has unveiled new positioning and new resolve. …Click here to read this blog entry

Trends and Forecasts in Computer Graphics

A new semi-regular series Having just finished a book on the history of computer graphics I’ve decided to be Janus and also look at the future, which seems appropriate because that’s where we’re all going to end up. Over the next few months I’m going to post essays and …Click here to read this blog entry

Nvidia’s “Core” business

Nvidia introduces a new business unit targeted at the other billion opportunities Nvidia has been involved with embedded, semi-custom and IP sales for special customers like Sony, Microsoft, Intel and Audi for several years, so they are no stranger to the idea, or the issues in supporting such customers. …Click here to read this blog entry

Qualcomm’s 1000x Data Challenge

The world has become a place where data is expected everywhere. As time progresses, that data is growing at a rate that mobile networks are already having trouble supporting. A good example of this might be a 45-second video of your kids at Disneyland taken with a smartphone. At …Click here to read this blog entry

It’s the little things

You know, I've been thinking, which is something I really should do more often. I have been writing over and over again about the huge changes that are taking place in technology, but I haven’t written as much about the simple changes that are equally revolutionary. So, some of …Click here to read this blog entry