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Trimble releases SketchUp cloud version beta

October 25th 2016

Trimble has just released an open beta of a new browser-based, cloud-hosted version of its popular 3D modeler SketchUp. For now, is a thin subset of the desktop version. The cloud-based version was introduced at an event for users earlier this year but was invite-only until yesterday. MySketchUp requires an active account with either Trimble Connect or the Google Drive system. Google was the previous owner of SketchUp, and continues to host 3D Warehouse, an open library of models created in SketchUp. Signing up for MySketchUp will create a 10GB storage space on Trimble Connect at no charge. More on My.SketchUp on Graphic Speak

Getting ready for…

Techwatch October 25th 2016

There’s so much to prepare for  As October sadly comes to an end, and daylight savings time in the U.S. with it, we have to look to the future and be prepared for the next two very busy months. But we have our most favorite holiday (after Jontober, that is)—Halloween. This is when you get to dress up as your favorite character and go beg for treats. This year most of the cities in the U.S. have put a ban on clown suits, which, I am told, often include large yellow wigs. 

SLI on Skulltrail – how?

That’s what I wanted to know – how’d you get SLI to work on the 5444 chipset. I asked the folks at Intel. I got shrugged shoulders and apologetic smiles. Not being coy, the people I was talking to just didn’t know, but did, in Click here to read this blog entry

What’s Apple’s next trick? Jon thinks it’s gamey

Apple, which used to be known as Apple Computer, is today possibly one of the greatest consumer electronics companies in the universe. It's interesting and admirable how the Mac transitioned from the computer of choice for artists and photographers to a consumers delight, and didn't lose any of its artist Click here to read this blog entry

A Theory About PC Gaming

A simple proposition: most modern PC gaming requires deeper thought and higher analytical skills than console gaming, and therefore is better for the human brain. Pretty obviously, this is a theory of mine made without scientific research but I'm willing to wager there is a neuroscientist out there who would Click here to read this blog entry

PMA in Las Vegas: new cameras cover old ground

The groundhog poked his nose out of his house and apparently he did not like what he saw — or maybe he did. I get confused. Whatever happened with the U.S. weather rodent, whether he went back in his hole or came out and danced, his priests declared six Click here to read this blog entry

Jon Peddie now has news feeds

Jon Peddie now has news feeds Read the complete article