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Our TechWatch Quarterly, Q1’14 edition is now available

April 8th 2014

We have compiled some of our best articles, reviews and editorials from the first quarter 2014 and made them available in a new quarterly review. You can download the new quarterly edition HERE. You will find our best articles on CES, SXSW, new chipsets, the Mobile industry and our entertaining editorials.

This week in TechWatch

    • NAB 2014: Avid Customer Association, Aja’s new 4K camera, Belden on a spending spree, Projection technology
    • AMD ON TRACK: AMD on Android, New AM1 platform
    • EDITORIAL: Microsoft?
    • MT. TIBURON TESTING LABS: Benchmarking the AMD FirePro W9100
    • THE BACK PAGE: Early or late, big or little, high or low?

Early or late, big or little, high or low?

Techwatch April 15th 2014

Where you are on the curve—depends on the product You’ve all seen the classic technology adoption curve (top right).  It’s OK, easy to understand, and to draw, but I think it’s wrong when it comes to computers (and I include smartphones in that categorization for this discussion). I think it’s more like a Poisson distribution (middle right). We will all be on different parts of the curve depending on our need (for a faster computer, a higher resolution screen, and more powerful graphics AIB, etc.), our desire (same list), our budget, and the availability of the product (which could …

Microsoft looks to “Halo 3” to hold Xbox console lead

Sept. 25 (Bloomberg)—Microsoft Corp. took the lead in video-game players after it introduced the Xbox 360 in November 2005, five years after entering the business. Now the world’s largest software maker is banking on another new product to stay No. 1 ... Estimates of the first day sales of …Read the complete article

Nvidia delivers first modern motherboard GPU to Intel-based desktops

SANTA CLARA, CA—SEPTEMBER 25, 2007—The recent introduction of Microsoft Vista and a slew of other 3D-optimized applications, including Google Maps and Microsoft Office 2007, have redefined customers’ expectations for experiencing visually-rich mainstream applications on their home and business PCs. As a result, consumers have now made the GPU a …Read the complete article

Update: AMD announces ATI Radeon HD 2900 Pro

Today AMD announced the introduction of the latest card to join the Radeon HD 2000 series, the Radeon HD 2900 Pro. As its name suggests, the Radeon HD 2900 Pro is based on the same R600 GPU powering the high-end Radeon HD 2900 XT. The new AMD AIB will …Read the complete article

Mitsubishi introduces MPEG2 compression technique and LSI designed to save disk space

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has come up with a new approach to MPEG-2.  The new technique recompresses the MPEG-2 enabling almost the same level of quality video to be saved in half the original volume. In satellite broadcasting, the company says, the MPEG-2 stream is transmitted at an encoding speed …Click here to read this news article

When is a console a home entertainment gateway?

In the future, all game console may be a gateway. Sony is adding to the confusion already stirred up by Microsoft with the hard drive equipped/Internet connected X-Box. Sony is introducing broadband network service for the PlayStation2 called PlayStation BB service and it will become available in April. The …Click here to read this news article