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New Intel Xeon W Has Arrived

September 2nd 2017

The bottom line is, the 28-core Skylake processor is coming to the workstation market and things will never be the same.

Intel has been powering the workstation CPU market for decades. Its previous processor generation, Broadwell, was a performance leader that pleased millions of workstation users. The company didn’t stop with its processor developments and just recently introduced its newest generation of workstations processors: the Intel Xeon SP (Scalable processor, dual-socket capable) and the Intel Xeon W processor (single-socket capable). To differentiate the workstation-class Xeon processors from server-class processors, Intel for the first time has added the W designation to the name.

The (tech) world is catching up to fiction

Techwatch September 18th 2017

We need a new category—SciFi is no longer applicable When I was a kid I read the comics (OK, I still do). We read them because we didn’t have TV, hadn’t even heard of it. Our phones were plugged into the wall and had a big round dial with holes in it. Try to imagine that as the norm, and then as a young impressionable kid, picking up a colorful, exciting comic book and seeing a hawk-nosed detective in a rain coat looking at video on his watch. OMG-what an incredible thing.  Remember,

Toshiba opts for Spatializer in its Edge RD-X2 DVD recorder

Toshiba’s brand new RD-X2 recorder is a DVD-R/RAM product that enables users to record up to six hours of content on a single disk. The way this works out on formats is that users can record to the DVD-Video format on DVD-R disks and be assured their content Click here to read this news article

ATI joins Intel’s Developer Network for PCI Express®

In other news, ATI has underlined its commitment to PCI Xpress with an announcement that the company actively worked with Intel in the development of the new bus and that they see it as the successor to AGP as a graphics bus interface. ATI says features like virtual channels, quality Read the complete article

ATI issues earnings warning; pledges allegiance to PCI Express

ATI slid an earnings warning in under the radar on Monday while much of the high tech world was paying attention to Intel and reading the tea leaves left by Paul Otellini. The market responded with equanimity as ATI had already laid the groundwork for this one. The company announced Read the complete article

ATI says we got yer digital TV tuners right here

There’s a lot of gnashing of teeth and general wailing in response to the FCC’s announcement that TV manufacturers will be required to add digital TV tuners to their large screen TVs by July 2004 and all TVs by July 2007. But ATI says hey, we’ll be happy to Click here to read this news article

Jobs to world: Okay, if the Power PC processors aren’t as fast as x86s, we’ll just use two of them

With their customary audaciousness, Apple has introduced a new line of PowerMacs which feature dual Power PC processors at speeds from 867 MHz, 1 GHz or 1.4 GHz. The new G4 machines feature XServe, Apple’s server architecture supporting up to 42 1U stacks with up to 630 Gflops processing power and support for storage Click here to read this news article