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Moderate sales in the first quarter, the GPU industry starts to gear up for Q3

May 24th 2017

JPR's Q1'17 MarketWatch report on GPU shipments is now available. The GPU market and the PC market in general, seems to have to have returned to normal seasonal cycles. This quarter was therefore appropriately down (normally it is flat to down), and the Gaming PC segment, where higher-end GPUs are used, was once again the bright spot in the overall PC market for the quarter. Overall GPU shipments decreased seasonally, -17.5% from last quarter. AMD decreased -25%, Nvidia decreased -26% and Intel, decreased -14%. The first quarter is typically flat to down from the previous quarter in the seasonal cycles of the past. Read more at MarketWatch.

Stop that or I’ll replace you with an AI

Techwatch May 17th 2017

Look at what you're doing not what the AIs are doing Everyone who has heard of AI (which as you know was just invented a few weeks ago) is sounding the warning bells about how AI thingies will take over our jobs. To which I say, come and get it—and hurry.  Look at what you do. How many repetitive tasks do you do a day, day after day. Do you enjoy that? Is that what you spent six to ten years in college for? When you write your memoir will you say, Every day after driving

ATI joins Intel’s Developer Network for PCI Express®

In other news, ATI has underlined its commitment to PCI Xpress with an announcement that the company actively worked with Intel in the development of the new bus and that they see it as the successor to AGP as a graphics bus interface. ATI says features like virtual channels, quality Read the complete article

ATI issues earnings warning; pledges allegiance to PCI Express

ATI slid an earnings warning in under the radar on Monday while much of the high tech world was paying attention to Intel and reading the tea leaves left by Paul Otellini. The market responded with equanimity as ATI had already laid the groundwork for this one. The company announced Read the complete article

ATI says we got yer digital TV tuners right here

There’s a lot of gnashing of teeth and general wailing in response to the FCC’s announcement that TV manufacturers will be required to add digital TV tuners to their large screen TVs by July 2004 and all TVs by July 2007. But ATI says hey, we’ll be happy to Click here to read this news article

Jobs to world: Okay, if the Power PC processors aren’t as fast as x86s, we’ll just use two of them

With their customary audaciousness, Apple has introduced a new line of PowerMacs which feature dual Power PC processors at speeds from 867 MHz, 1 GHz or 1.4 GHz. The new G4 machines feature XServe, Apple’s server architecture supporting up to 42 1U stacks with up to 630 Gflops processing power and support for storage Click here to read this news article

Palm 130 doesn’t quite make it to 65K colors but whose counting?

Palm has had to admit that its m130 handheld, the one with the slogan “as colorful as your life” is actually a little less colorful than advertised. The machine is capable of only 58,621 color rather than 65,536. The problem apparently lies with the screen of the new handheld which sells for $249. Read the complete article