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The Qualcomm Snapdragon 815

April 1st 2015

Today Qualcomm revealed the first working prototypes of the long awaited Snapdragon 815, its newest entry in the Unicorn mid-range segment for North America and the middle kingdom. The Snapdragon 815 features a breakthrough with its 2,145 asynchronous unified bi-firated shaders, based on OpenC--- and Stacked 3.5D RAM from Microni. The new powerhouse SoC will have an integrated CAT of 9 tails Modem (exclusive to Qualcomm) and be built in 19.5 nm technology at the IBM fab in upstate NY. If the fab can’t keep up with demand, and QCOM expects this to be their most popular product ever, back up production will be done at GF’s fab in Dubai. - Read more at Snapdragon 815

Moore’s Law turns 50

Techwatch April 1st 2015

Where were you when it was postulated?  Moore’s Law has been a fantastic observation, and a self-fulfilling prophecy that has spurred us on to do more, do it faster, make it smaller, and cheaper. We do it because we think we can. Moore’s Law has been great for information systems and all the happy recipients of the technology developments as a result of it. However, as great as our 4K TVs, super small computers, IoT, and devices are, the effect of Moore’s Law has not lifted all boats. As William Gibson said, the future is here, it’s just not …

Technology is a state of mind

Samsung, Apple, Nvidia, Google, Microsoft—they’re competitors. How in the world did that happen? It happened because what you do is becoming more important than what you’re doing it on. We used to think Samsung built displays, and Apple built computers, Nvidia built graphics processors, Microsoft built an operating system, …Click here to read this blog entry

GPU shipments (MarketWatch) Q2 2014 - Charts and Images

Graphics chips are without doubt one of the most powerful, exciting, and essential components in tech today: not only does every computer require one (or more), but the technology is entering into major new markets like supercomputers, remote workstations, and simulators almost on a daily basis. New technologies and …Click here to read this news article

When is enough, enough?

13 hours is enough for one workday The French, bless them, have decreed that work ends when workers leave the office. In a deal negotiated between employer federations and unions, workers can feel free to ignore emails from their bosses that come in after hours, and employers are being …Click here to read this blog entry

Graphics Add-In Board report Q1 2014 - Charts and Images

Charts and Images for AIB Q1 2014 report Definitions The term “AIB” is an abbreviation for add-in board, also called a “card.” A “GPU” is the graphic processor unit on the AIB, also called the “chip.” Click here to read this news article

The next great era of computing started yesterday

My mom figures everyone who works in the high-tech industry must know each other. She’ll ask if I know Julia O’Conner’s daughter, “She works in computers out there.” I don’t even know Julia O’Conner, but my mom sees the hightech industry as a monolithic group of people working in …Click here to read this blog entry