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On GPU computing—it’s not about languages

Posted by Jon Peddie on September 21st 2009 | Discuss
Tags: amd nvidia gpu ati intel opencl cpu gpgpu cuda fusion

GPU computing has come into its own this year and is, I think, well understood and accepted by industry and to a large extent many consumers and scientists. Although I still encounter people in all three categories ( poeple who have been using GPGPU, will use it, will never use it)

Do OEMs, ODMs, and/or consumers value technology?

Posted by Jon Peddie on September 1st 2009 | Discuss
Tags: market technology branding consumers

If company A builds a chip and it is better and newer than company B’s, shouldn’t company A get more market share? Suppose company B introduced a part in January and it got a Pmark score of 100 and it sold for $150. Then in June, company A introduced a