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The art of testing and other esoteric sidelines

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 22nd 2010 | Discuss
Tags: 3d graphics directx opengl benchmarking testing benchmarks

We test a lot of things here at JPR and at JPA before that. We’ve been testing stuff officially and unofficially for 30 some years—you’d think we’d know what we’re doing. Hell, we thought we knew what we were doing. This last batch of graphics AIBs

Been seeing double for a very long time

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 8th 2010 | Discuss

The idea of using a computer for stereovision representation of molecules dates back to Project MAC at MIT in 1966. And in the early 1980s the concept became known “molecular graphics” and the Molecular Graphics Society (MGS) in the UK formalized the notion and science of computer-based molecular modeling. Initially much