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How many different ways can we watch TV?

Posted by Jon Peddie on November 25th 2010 | Discuss

Modern up-scale TVs have as many or more holes in them as a PC. A TV now offers the usual LRV RCA jacks, Composite jacks, S-video, an OTA and/or cable ready F connector, IR audio, HDMI, USB, some have VGA or DVI, and most recently RJ45—and every one of them can serve up some kind of TV or video signal. One of the latest additions is WHDI, a wireless receiver that plugs into the TV’s HDMI socket. Add to the list of sources the many STBs and/or adaptors. Google TV and Apple TV are two of new popular STBs, iRevo’s smart…

My screen is my computer

Posted by Jon Peddie on November 9th 2010 | Discuss

This is the year of the tablet, big and smaller, the e-reader, big and smaller, and the all-in-one desktop computer—all screen and no box. This is more than a packaging evolution, this is a usage model revolution, and largely brought to you due to new low power high-performance processors—say “thank you Moore’s Law.” As we slip into this new paradigm of computer usage we can look back at the pioneers who helped us get here, who molded our thoughts so we are able to accept these new designs, and we can watch with amusement as the suppliers of these screen only…