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2011 – The Come Back Year

Posted by Webmaster on January 27th 2011 | Discuss

This week's issue of Tech Watch is filled with stories about new products, many of them semiconductors, SOCs to be more specific. SOCs are tricky devices to design, and get right. Almost no one got the first one or two right. Temperature, performance, battery consumption, and of course price are just a few of the macro factors that can undermine such a product. Usually companies have to sneak up on the SOC, designing a smaller device first with limited functionality. Then one day taking the plunge and hoping they got right the hundreds of items that are interlinked. Also there is…

CES is forty-five years old

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 13th 2011 | Discuss

The first CES conference in New York City in 1967 attracted 17,500 dealers looking for the next CE products. Last year, just wobbling out of a recession the show had a surprising 126,641 visitors and a slight drop of exhibitors (2,500 compared to 2700 in '09) and a smaller exhibit area (1.4M2ft. compared to 1.7 in '09). 2011 however was up and first estimates are something north of 130,000 (maybe as high as 140,000) and 2,700 exhibitors – it felt crowded, and if you needed a taxi, bus, or the tram you know what I mean. I've often questioned the value…