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Tablets — are we excited yet? Did anybody do ANY planning and analysis?

Posted by Webmaster on February 24th 2011 | Discuss
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It is amazing to see the gold rush fever that's happening over tablets — no, it's astounding. Doesn't seem like anyone's had an original idea since Apple introduced the iPad and yet everyone plans on beating Apple at its own game without a clue or a strategy other than to show up with something that has a touch sensitive screen. Never mind that the OS they chose doesn't support touch, or that they haven't a clue as to who their prospective customer is — it'll all get figured out — if we build it, they will come. So everybody except JPR…

Brahms the programmer

Posted by Webmaster on February 10th 2011 | Discuss

Parallel processing is the future. It is how we will increase our processing capability without having to double the clock speed of processors every other year. But parallel processing requires generating parallel processing programs. And writing parallel processing programs is difficult. These are the two common beliefs in our industry now and they've been used as an excuse. Last week we went to the famous and beautiful Paramount Theater in Oakland California. If you live within 50 miles of it you should go (I can also recommend a great nearby restaurant.) At the theater we heard Brahms Requiem. A masterful collection…