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How remote can we get

Posted by Webmaster on July 28th 2011 | Discuss
Tags: ati mobile tablets pc media

In our future world, which seems to arrive every day we are at first amazed by the newest development and then soon jaded and waiting for the next. We live Moore’s law, only faster. (I wonder if Gordon Moore lives Moore’s law, now that’d be ironic.) We know our future world will be one where everything that uses electricity and most things that have warm blood will be connected to the Internet. That will be so we can communicate with them, and they with each other. My car will have conversations with my media server and my calendar and they will…

The Wintel hegemony in the PC industry may be ebbing

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 11th 2011 | Discuss

With announcement at CES by Microsoft that Windows 8 will run on ARM, thereby enabling another processor to run Microsoft applications, the world shifted. That was the promise with Windows NT back in 1993 when Microsoft declared it would run on the popular processors of the time which were Alpha, AMD64, IBM, Intel MIPS, and Motorola. That didn’t quite happen. Now Microsoft seeing the extraordinary growth of ARM-based mobile phones, and having tried three times to get into that market, has declared that Windows 8 and associate applications (like the Office suite) will run on ARM, and x86. So far MIPS…