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Inflection points—they really do happen

Posted by Webmaster on February 16th 2012 | Discuss
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Andy Grove is credited with applying the term inflection point to business. In his book Only the Paranoid Survive, Grove said that Inflection Points provide huge strategic advantages to the companies capable of moving on them. Intel has continued to embrace the strategy and everyone else would like to. Today, everyone uses the term inflection point as if they invented it. Most of the time when you hear some marketing or PR flak toss out the “I” word you roll your eyes up and think, oh boy here we go again—stop the revolution, I want to get off. And anytime a…

AS CES goeth, so goeth the industry

Posted by Webmaster on February 3rd 2012 | Discuss

For those of you who went to CES this year, you should have recovered by now. And if you suffered through 2011, you should be seeing some little rays of sunshine and hope for the on-coming year. And if you accept my premise about CES being a leading indicator, then you should feel pretty good about 2012. I first proposed CES as a leading indicator about eight or nine years ago. If you look at the following chart which covers the past ten years you can see definite correlations. What I think the data really represents is the manufacturers and dealers…