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This market is going to be HUGE, I tell ya

Posted by Robert Dow on June 23rd 2015 | Discuss

Have I ever been wrong about these things? The forecast is strong, the future bright—what could possibly go wrong? Look at the numbers. How can this miss, everyone wants one.  Now that the latest gold rush fever has hit the industry with IoT, wearables, and VR, let

The fallacy of TAM

Posted by Jon Peddie on June 9th 2015 | Discuss
Tags: jon peddie tam

Give ’em what they want, and sleep better The SAM, TAM, and PAM are not characters in a new situation comedy, although some of the uses of these terms can be pretty amusing.  The PAM (Potential Available Market) is largely dependent on the marketer’s “view


Posted by Jon Peddie on June 2nd 2015 | Discuss
Tags: mobile adobe flash

Mozilla’s Firefox crashes about every hour on my machine. I get a polite dialog box that asks me to report it, and I do, and then the noble open source browser tries diligently to restore the pages I had open before it had its hourly heart attack. Firefox