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The 10 million Frequent Pixels Club

Posted by Jon Peddie on April 26th 2016 | Discuss

Just like the airlines and hotels I’ve been thinking about establishing a Frequent Pixels Club. You know, how you can accumulate miles from an airline based on how frequently you fly, or points from a hotel based on how many times you stayed at the chain. Well. what

THE QUARTER IN REVIEW - Say, what’s that thing on your head?

Posted by Kathleen Maher on April 5th 2016 | Discuss

The first quarter was dominated by VR and, to a lesser extent, AR and its confused cousin MR (mixed reality). As I write this, the Microsoft Build event has just happened and Hololens has marched into the room. It seems clear that in the near future, at least some people

I’m sick of hearing about VR sickness

Posted by Jon Peddie on March 30th 2016 | Discuss

Minorities aren’t going to determine this market I remember when we were trying to get people interested in stereo 3D (S3D) and all we heard about was, “I’m not wearing those goofy glasses.” Right, except when I go to the movies, somehow that

Are we entering a new era?

Posted by Jon Peddie on March 16th 2016 | Discuss

Maybe My cynical been-there done-that, you-can’t-impress-me attitude may be breaking down. Leonard Cohen sings, “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” He’s right.  The ability to enter into immersive experiences is changing everything. So, maybe that

Real or virtual—is it legal?

Posted by Jon Peddie on March 7th 2016 | Discuss

Another side of photorealism and VR—can AI save the day? As focused as I have been over the decades on the realism and suspension of disbelief in computer graphics, and as naïve as it sounds, I never considered the potential dark side of accomplishing what we

The world tilted, Sir Hossein Yassaie steps down

Posted by Jon Peddie on February 16th 2016 | Discuss

Creator of the GPU IP industry, Sir Hossein Yassaie passes the baton Sir Dr. Hossein Yassaie has stepped down as Chief Executive of Imagination Technologies, and Andrew Heath, one of the non-executive directors, has been appointed Interim Chief Executive.  Imagination is also announcing details on restructuring initiatives. These include

The moment of truth gets closer -

Posted by Jon Peddie on February 3rd 2016 | Discuss

Too early to call it DOA, but definitely among the walking wounded The good news and bad about being a first mover is everyone looks to you as a bellwether—the leading sheep of a flock.  As reported elsewhere in this issue, Facebook’s CEO and founder

On being isolated - Is a VR face sucker that bad?

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 20th 2016 | Discuss

I have, and may continue to, ridicule the idea of people voluntarily spending long periods of time in a VR HMD. Military, surgeons, and welders do it because they have to, but otherwise it’s a form of torture. But, let’s look at some of that criticism

CES—Convoluted Excruciating Suffering

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 6th 2016 | Discuss

Where people actually pay to be tortured Last year more than 176,000 visi­tors came to Las Vegas (popula­tion 600,000) to stand in line wait­ing for taxis, food, and a chance to peek at gadgets of all sizes, shapes, colors, and prices. In addition to those 176,000, more

AR is the future, but

Posted by Jon Peddie on December 16th 2015 | Discuss

For universal consumer use, there are still some obstacles AR, like VR, is and has been, used for industrial, military, and scientific applications in controlled environments, and by professionals who understand and tolerate the technologies’ limitations (while simultaneously helping to improve it). The problem with our industry is that