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Speculating vs. reporting

Posted by Jon Peddie on August 13th 2013 | Discuss

It’s much more fun, and easier to speculate One of the reasons the trade press has been decimated and so many so-called reports/writers are looking for jobs is because for the most part they were untrained, cheaply hired, and basically lazy kids. The ones who still have jobs, or a freelance gig, write one to three 300- to 400-word stories a day, mostly taken from press releases, or other sources. And to cover up for doing actual work, like interviewing two sources, they speculate. “Rumor has it Flinkesher will introduce a low-cost mobile Phren Modulator this holiday season.” You speculate on…

Stop looking at me – WAIT! Look at me

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 31st 2013 | Discuss
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That sullen black eye on top of my monitor, staring at me all day and night, what’s it seeing, who is it sharing it with? There is a big uproar about the Prism project and drones flying over our country. Add to that the security and traffic cameras and you have a narcissists’ delight—me Me ME, it’s all about Me. Isn’t it? Now that you know you are being watched all the time, and listened to all the time, will you change your behavior? It is your only choice, the cameras and NSA aren’t going away, they’re here to stay. So…

On being shy

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 17th 2013 | Discuss
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We have really great technology, it’s A-mazing, unbelievable. What? You DON’T believe us? Prove it? Prove it! Are you nuts, if we did that then the competition would know how amazing it is and they might do something, like make a more amazing thing or something. We can’t tell you about it, but we can tell you it is freekin A-mazingly wonderful, insanely great. No no, no, sorry, can’t reveal how big the die is, or how many transistors it has – but it’s got a lot, and they’re really really tiny, just 28nm across the gate – why that’s smaller…


Posted by Jon Peddie on July 9th 2013 | Discuss
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Death. There’s death all around us. Everywhere you look. Corpses litterer the sidewalks. We worry that they may become blood-sucking zombies; some surely will. TV killed the radio. There was no funeral. No flowers or playing of bag pipes, just cold death, and no apologies. TV also killed the movies; it was horrible to watch, but we had to, we had no choice. HD killed analog SD TV and black and white TV with three channels and mono sound, it wasn’t difficult, it was already dead, just too stupid to fall over. And then UHD killed HD. Still a teenager in…


Posted by Jon Peddie on July 2nd 2013 | Discuss
Tags: amd hp qualcomm tablets microsoft pc windows android x86 panasonic

Some recovery seen, don’t buy a new car just yet GPUs were flat qtr to qtr, all platforms down In the past when life was stable and markets predictable, we had a thing called seasonality.  Internet buying all year, the cost of gasoline, decline of retail, and a five year recession has made seasonality a faint, and romantic distant memory—welcome to chaosville.   If seasonality were alive and well one could draw encouragement from the Q1’13 results of GPU shipments—flat from Q4’12 (the typical buying binge). When times are bad, or lets say just not great, Q1 typically drops five to…

Moving from consumption to create, tablets are growing up

Posted by Jon Peddie on June 18th 2013 | Discuss
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This generation of x86 tablets changes the game Tablets often referred to as “media tablets” saw usage for the most part as content consumption and display devices. They have been used for lightweight content creation in email and Facebook, but not serious mission-critical applications—how could they; they only ran Android, or iOS. That was then, and this is now. The latest wave of tablets with x86 processors from AMD and Intel running real Windows 8 (as crappy as it is) usher in a new paradigm of content creation capability and productivity platforms. Some clever artists have created some impressive images with…

When is a PC a PC?

Posted by Jon Peddie on June 5th 2013 | Discuss
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New definitions needed to get back to reality As you know the PC is dead, noble thing that it was, it served us well for many decades. The PC has been replaced by the tablet; you may have heard that too. In fact you probably have one or two, I do.For bean counters like us, knowing the correct name of the beans we’re counting is of utmost importance, I mean you want to confuse black beans with brown, white, or yellow, what a mess that would make. How would the Wall Street sharp shooters know who to short if the beans…

Technology wins out over all

Posted by Jon Peddie on May 23rd 2013 | Discuss
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Or creatively bend the truth With the explosion of mobile devices and the SOC’s within them, I am reminded of the early days of the PC and the bragging of design wins (we used to publish every week – “The Winner’s Circle). Most of the current SOC suppliers weren’t around then. What the CPU and graphics AIB suppliers learned was it’s great to announce a design win, it excites your employees, your investors, gets the attention of other potential OEMs. However, today, just as then, a design win is a fleeting thing, just as any “win” is. The thing that the…

Technology wins out over all

Posted by Jon Peddie on May 8th 2013 | Discuss
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Intel, GloFo, and TSMC battle for position as the market moves to mobile Big companies, big smart companies, have the ability to take a body block and keep going. Cash reserves, tons of engineers, and determination are their muscle. And like any company, they make false starts, and unsupportable claims. That delights the press, and short-siders, but doesn’t really add much to the ecosystem. This week Intel revealed its latest power core design, Silvermont, fabricated on its 22nm FinFET process, a variant of the 22nm process it started to use last year for Ivy Bridge, but adapted for use in SOC…

Time to upgrade

Posted by Jon Peddie on April 25th 2013 | Discuss
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Inflation and Moore’s Law favor the consumer and the enterprise When I’m preparing a presentation, I look at relevant historical data. It helps set the stage for my talks and gives the audience a chance to get in sync with my comments. When you’re running in the trenches 24/7, you tend to forget some of the outside world events—and that happens to me, I’m embarrassed to say. A recent historical review reset my perspective.  In 2009 Intel released the Core i7 Nehalem processor, and AMD brought out its six-core CPU Istanbul processors. We thought those new processors were amazing, and for…