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Seasonality - Although it often seems to be lost, it still exists

Posted by Jon Peddie on November 20th 2013 | Discuss
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We’ve been tracking PC graphics, and PC shipments since the late 1980s. As a result, we have some fantastic historical data. One of the things we used to observe was the seasonality of shipments: shipments would drop in Q2, rise in Q3 and Q4, and wiggle or drop a little in Q1, but the overall trend was up. Then the world ended in 2008—actually, it also ended in 2000, so let’s take a look back then first. When the Internet bubble burst in 2000, the tidy seasonality curve started to wobble. Then, when the banks’ greedy derivatives bubble burst and the…

Are we suffering a confidence gap?

Posted by Jon Peddie on November 9th 2013 | Discuss
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We seem to be an industry of extremes, and short memories When Apple started the tablet craze, the industry was doubtul. The commenting classes dismissed it as a big iPhone and called it a loser, until they didn’t after seeing the phenomenal sales. Proving once again the pundits don’t really know what consumers want after all, despite all their authoritative statements. Now they tell us the PC is dead, PC gaming is dead, consoles are dead, TV is dead, and as far as I can tell, everything except smartphones are dead or dying. Never mind that millions of the dead things…

On being mobile

Posted by Jon Peddie on October 9th 2013 | Discuss
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As (I hope) you probably know, we just wrapped up our 2013 Mobile Devices study on SoCs and the GPUs inside. (Clever title, no?) If you are interested in mobile devices, and specifically the SoCs and GPUs that power them, then you should be interested in our new market study.  However, it was challenging because of one word: mobile. Challenging because the word “mo­bile,” when taken in its fullest sense, covers quite a large number of devices. In the context of the report, the term Mobile Device refers to Smartphones, Tablets, Portable/Handheld Game ma­chines, and Others, which could include smart watches,…

Getting ready for Christmas and waiting for Godot

Posted by Kathleen Maher on October 1st 2013 | Discuss
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What we thought of as the personal computer industry is becoming something entirely new. It is fragmenting into billions of devices: phones, tablets, game consoles, car systems, and we’re already seeing the next round of fragmentation emerging as the Internet of toasters, and ther-mostats, and other things, like robots, cars, boats, and wristwatches.  What’s obvious, but what we forget, is that the companies that have been ruling the eletronic world are changing, too. They are trying to reformat and rejigger—sometimes it’s an orderly pro-cess, but usually it’s barely controlled hysteria. And when it comes to barely controlled hysteria, the king is…

On being natural

Posted by Jon Peddie on September 24th 2013 | Discuss

Perceptual computing and the natural user interface Intel didn’t invent natural user interfaces, but they sure as hell are going to make them come to life—so to speak. And to help make that happen, the company is putting its money where its, well, where its everything is. Intel has created a $100 million fund for perceptual computing development. As you probably (should) know, perceptual computing consists of the next generation of user interfaces such as gesture, image recognition, touch, voice, and even emotion sensing. These are new areas, involving new sensors, on a variety of platforms. As a result, there aren’t…

The future—visualize yours

Posted by Jon Peddie on September 10th 2013 | Discuss
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You can’t use the past to see the future—I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard that before, and probably even said it a few times. It’s especially true in the case of computers. Think back to the sixties—there was a one big mainframe for many, in the eighties and nineties we got to almost one computer each, and today we have many computers to one. With miniaturization we can turn anything into a computer, so what do you choose? In 2002 the computer goes to zero.  How do we change the future? Change the story people tell themselves about the future they…

May the tablet be with you—really

Posted by Jon Peddie on August 27th 2013 | Discuss
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There’s probably a seven-inch in your and/or your kid’s future— it’s going to change the world December last year you could buy an Android 4.0, 7-inch IPS screen tablet almost anywhere in China for $90, and for less in Shenzhen. Those tablets typically had an Allwinner SoC in them. If you could be satisfied with a dual-core VIA 8850–based unit, you could pick one up for $65, and with a little negotiation maybe as low as $40 if a single-core A10 SoC was acceptable. There are a couple of market and political forces driving these developments. China (the Republic of) was…

Speculating vs. reporting

Posted by Jon Peddie on August 13th 2013 | Discuss

It’s much more fun, and easier to speculate One of the reasons the trade press has been decimated and so many so-called reports/writers are looking for jobs is because for the most part they were untrained, cheaply hired, and basically lazy kids. The ones who still have jobs, or a freelance gig, write one to three 300- to 400-word stories a day, mostly taken from press releases, or other sources. And to cover up for doing actual work, like interviewing two sources, they speculate. “Rumor has it Flinkesher will introduce a low-cost mobile Phren Modulator this holiday season.” You speculate on…

Stop looking at me – WAIT! Look at me

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 31st 2013 | Discuss
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That sullen black eye on top of my monitor, staring at me all day and night, what’s it seeing, who is it sharing it with? There is a big uproar about the Prism project and drones flying over our country. Add to that the security and traffic cameras and you have a narcissists’ delight—me Me ME, it’s all about Me. Isn’t it? Now that you know you are being watched all the time, and listened to all the time, will you change your behavior? It is your only choice, the cameras and NSA aren’t going away, they’re here to stay. So…

On being shy

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 17th 2013 | Discuss
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We have really great technology, it’s A-mazing, unbelievable. What? You DON’T believe us? Prove it? Prove it! Are you nuts, if we did that then the competition would know how amazing it is and they might do something, like make a more amazing thing or something. We can’t tell you about it, but we can tell you it is freekin A-mazingly wonderful, insanely great. No no, no, sorry, can’t reveal how big the die is, or how many transistors it has – but it’s got a lot, and they’re really really tiny, just 28nm across the gate – why that’s smaller…