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Summer’s over

Posted by Jon Peddie on September 23rd 2015 | Discuss

Let’s start buying stuff The fed didn’t raise interest rates because the economy and inflation are flat. China’s artificially stimulated and misrepresented growth is off (even China couldn’t hide it this time). Russia is taking over everything from Ukraine to Syria, and

The brave new world of being a packet

Posted by Jon Peddie on September 9th 2015 | Discuss

Google understands packets better than any, any, company on the planet. If you have trouble with that statement, go back to the sports page or People, and skip this.  Google is developing an autonomous, cute, small, bug-like four-wheel vehicle with an electric propulsion system and a zillion computers and

How virtual is

Posted by Jon Peddie on August 25th 2015 | Discuss

AR lets you move; VR is restricted because you can’t see the real world and so you bump into things. Sitting still in a planetarium or movie is not VR just because things are in 3D, or offer a 180-degree FOV (field of vision). To be VR it

Doom and gloom in mobile phone land

Posted by Jon Peddie on August 11th 2015 | Discuss

They’ll love you forever, until they don’t …  I remember, not too long ago, when Qualcomm was the darling of Wall Street, the prince of processors, the regal radio rogue, the king of the hill and the towers on the hill—until they weren

Fearing the small

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 28th 2015 | Discuss

I was thinking about the Pluto flyby and a comment made by an older gentleman that he doubted we would see as much technological progress as he had, having seen the Wright Brothers (when he was 17) to the moon landing (when he was 84). I think the developments are just as

The spring refresh

Posted by Kathleen Maher on July 21st 2015 | Discuss

In the land of technology, the second quarter isn’t so much about spring as it is about laying plans, getting ready, and marshalling forces. Traditionally, the commercial spring refresh is about updating and spiffing up products, and getting them out the door to clear the decks for summer

What is it that’s so exciting about VR?

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 15th 2015 | Discuss

The military has been using VR to train soldiers, pilots, ship captains, and tank drivers for over a decade. Surgeons have practiced using VR HMDs even longer. It’s not new, nor novel. But for some reason, when Facebook bet $2 billion U.S. dollars on Oculus, all of a

This market is going to be HUGE, I tell ya

Posted by Robert Dow on June 23rd 2015 | Discuss

Have I ever been wrong about these things? The forecast is strong, the future bright—what could possibly go wrong? Look at the numbers. How can this miss, everyone wants one.  Now that the latest gold rush fever has hit the industry with IoT, wearables, and VR, let

The fallacy of TAM

Posted by Jon Peddie on June 9th 2015 | Discuss

Give ’em what they want, and sleep better The SAM, TAM, and PAM are not characters in a new situation comedy, although some of the uses of these terms can be pretty amusing.  The PAM (Potential Available Market) is largely dependent on the marketer’s “view


Posted by Jon Peddie on June 2nd 2015 | Discuss

Mozilla’s Firefox crashes about every hour on my machine. I get a polite dialog box that asks me to report it, and I do, and then the noble open source browser tries diligently to restore the pages I had open before it had its hourly heart attack. Firefox