The workstation market on a roll with another record in Q3’16

Posted by Robert Dow on September 11th 2016 | Discuss
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After a long stretch of up-and-down quarters — never too bearish but never too bullish — Q2'16 broke the workstation market out of the doldrums. Setting a quarterly record for units, it was the best quarter we'd seen in a while. But that record didn't last long ... three months, to be exact.

As inspiring a quarter as Q2'16 was, Q3'16 was even better.  With 1.135 million units shipped, the market set another record, breaking the 1.1 million mark for the first time. Year-over-year, the market grew at a robust 9.3%, while the less revealing sequential measure (for this cyclical market) was +3.4%.

HP and Dell in a dead heat for workstation unit volume ... literally, this time

On the vendor front, JPR's been stating for a while now that for all intents and purposes HP and Dell had been in a dead heat in the race for market leadership. Describing Q3, the same can again be said, but this time without the "intents and purposes" disclaimer. The two each shipped 35.4% of all units, and any difference  is in the margin of error for guidance. Given that margin then, Dell and HP were literally tied for shipments in the third quarter.

HP and Dell can't ignore Lenovo, however, as the #3 vendor has gained steadily (albeit not dramatically) over the last seven years. Lenovo has harnessed the growth in the hottest region, China, to drive its share up, landing at a near-high of 15.0% in Q3'16. 

Workstation vendor market shares for Q3'16


Market for discrete professional GPUs climbs, but at more modest pace than workstations

The market for discrete, professional GPUs performed well in the third quarter of 2016, but not as well as the workstation market it serves. All told, the duopoly of AMD and Nvidia shipped around 1.27 million discrete professional-brand GPUs, representing 5.9% growth year over year and a modest 1.8% decline sequentially.


The JPR Workstation Report Market Quarterly for Q3'16 delves into comprehensive depth across all slices of the workstation and professional GPU market, including:

  • Complete breakdown of traditional workstation market by units and revenue, and across product classes (mobile/entry/mid/high), platforms (mobile/entry/mid/high) and geography
  • Workstation market forecast
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  • Breakdown of workstation market by vertical
  • Analysis and sizing of the impact of Apple platforms versus Windows/Linux workstations
  • Analysis and sizing of the impact of emerging workstation virtualization (in its multiple forms)
  • Analysis and sizing the impact of Intel's CPU-integrated graphics

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