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Posted by Jon Peddie on May 23rd 2013 | Discuss
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Or creatively bend the truth

With the explosion of mobile devices and the SOC’s within them, I am reminded of the early days of the PC and the bragging of design wins (we used to publish every week – “The Winner’s Circle). Most of the current SOC suppliers weren’t around then.

What the CPU and graphics AIB suppliers learned was it’s great to announce a design win, it excites your employees, your investors, gets the attention of other potential OEMs. However, today, just as then, a design win is a fleeting thing, just as any “win” is.

The thing that the more successful CPU and AIB suppliers from the early days of the PC market learned was you could brag without trashing your competition.

It’s always intrigued the armchair psychologist in me how the more a company (or a person) is an underdog, the more they think they can elevate their status at the expense of their competitors. It’s usually proven the case that it doesn’t work.

We are in the midst of a major product replenishment cycle with new models of phones and tablets coming out every week. This will continue until the beginning of summer and then pick up again with the back-to-school rush. The producers of the new devices are going to switch suppliers as frequently as every model and in some cases will have multiple suppliers for one model. In such a turbulent market with such limited customer loyalty, it’s hard to rationalize how any SOC supplier could really defend its current temporary success as a triumph over its competitors. Don’t they realize it’s going to happen to them on the next cycle or the one after that?

Companies don’t brag and discredit their competition in public statements like press releases or in public forums like conferences; you hear the dissing of the competition in the ad libs and side comments, hallways, coffee shops, and public transportation.

There was a time in this business when people would refer to certain companies as being gentlemen. And when you looked at those companies you quickly saw this was the case. They carried themselves with pride, but never at the expense of anyone else. The SOC suppliers need to change their demeanor, stop trying to prove to themselves, and whomever it is they’re trying to impress that they are the toughest jocks in the locker room and instead imagine themselves as being the coolest guy in the restaurant. That’s going to be difficult for some companies and their culture.

And now on to the next design win. 

Call me a pig, but..

I absolutely love the astoundingly amazing features in my smartphone that fits in every pocket in my clothes except my watch pocket.  

Tablets are just about the coolest thing to come along since handheld game consoles and GPS.

But—and you can call me a pig—I don’t even want to think about living without my big white honkin’ Corsair workstation or my aggressive, nasty looking big black Digital Storm game machine. I simply like looking at those monsters, the blue lights, and ugh ugh, I confess, I’m a guy and I love powerful big machines—sorry, blame it on the DNA; how do you think those things got built to begin with?

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