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The reality of disappointment - We need a new law

Posted by Jon Peddie on February 24th 2017 | Discuss

 The use of the term “Law” applied to an observation or axiom is incorrect and has been over used, but in this world of fake news, and alternative facts, the practice seems totally acceptable. Moore’s law is not a “Law” like gravity, or

Fear of the unknown - the AI are coming

Posted by Jon Peddie on February 10th 2017 | Discuss

We have all heard about the new developments in artificial intelligence (AI), where intelligent machines approach the mysterious singularity that represents either the end of mankind or the beginning of a new kind of mankind. And although almost everyone has an opinion, and most likely a fear of AI, not

Tiny tiny things

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 25th 2017 | Discuss

Our lives depend on the itsy bitsy As the world of semiconductors has shrunk to nano and microscopic our lives have gotten better. Whereas the steam and gasoline engines gave us a better standard of living by scaling up in size, the third industrial revolution benefits us by getting smaller.

Did the earth move for you?

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 13th 2017 | Discuss

What did CES actually accomplish for you? Most of the dust has settled, most of the hangovers are over, most of the pain in your legs, and other more sensitive parts of your body has abated, and most of your money is gone—one hell of a party, no?

The GPUs of 2016

Posted by Jon Peddie on December 21st 2016 | Discuss

The suppliers had a great year and so did the customers GPUs have found their way into just about every corner of science, industry, design, automotive, and entertainment. GPUs are the heart of the PC’s CPUs, the soul of SoCs, and the essence of AI, and DL. It

Can Nvidia continue to delight investors?

Posted by Jon Peddie on December 7th 2016 | Discuss

How does a company increase sales in a market where shipments are decreasing? For those of you who watch Nvidia, you will have taken note of its meteoric rise in share price since September 2015 to date (~$21 to ~$94); the share price has increased about 440%. However, when normalized to Nasdaq, the growth

This is such a crazy, exciting industry

Posted by Jon Peddie on November 23rd 2016 | Discuss

If the PC is dead, how come so many companies are making money from it? The PC industry has been exciting since the arrival of the Intel 4004 and Gordon Moore’s observation about the doubling of density in semiconductor memory manufacturing in 1965.  The industry has just reported on

Awww, is the air slipping out of your balloon?

Posted by Jon Peddie on November 8th 2016 | Discuss

That’s OK, we’ll get you a new one in a couple of years Hiya folks. Ya say ya lost your job today? Ya say it’s 4 a.m. and your kids ain’t home from school yet? Ya say your wife went out for

Getting ready for…

Posted by Jon Peddie on October 25th 2016 | Discuss

There’s so much to prepare for  As October sadly comes to an end, and daylight savings time in the U.S. with it, we have to look to the future and be prepared for the next two very busy months. But we have our most favorite holiday

Is VR the new electricity?

Posted by Jon Peddie on October 12th 2016 | Discuss

Is AI the new light bulb? Virtual reality (VR) and artificial in­telligence (AI) remind me of stories I’ve read describing the late 1800s and early 1900s when people were finding novel uses for electricity, like electrocuting elephants and lighting up the streets at night. Personally, I