The workstation market remained sluggish in Q2’12

Posted by Alex Herrera on September 9th 2012 | Permalink
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Alex Herrera

The results from the workstation market's first quarter were disappointing, as it marked the first two consecutive quarters of negative growth since 2008. And if industry observers needed more evidence of the market's listlessness, they need look no farther than the second quarter's numbers. Workstation vendors shipped around 883 thousand workstations worldwide

Add-in board market up in Q4, Nvidia gains market share

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Robert Dow

Quarter-to-quarter AIBs shipments increased 3%, and grew 3% year-to-year The news was encouraging; quarter-to-quarter, the market grew 3 % (compared to the desktop PC market, which increased 4.45%). On a year-to-year basis we found that total AIB shipments during the quarter increased 3%, which is more than desktop PCs which declined of 6.1%. GPUs are traditionally a