As expected, the workstation market tanks in Q1’09 - but it’s not all bad news

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No surprise, the other shoe dropped in Q1’09. Exiting Q4’08, there was little reason to expect improvement entering the first quarter of ‘09, while unfortunately there were good reasons to suspect it might turn out even worse. For one, while the market in Q4’08 included two poor quarters — with October escaping much of the initial carnage caused by the global economic downturn — Q1’09 had a full three months worth of deep recession to contend with. The result? Well, Jon Peddie Research (JPR) analyst Alex Herrera has completed analysis of the quarter and reports that the market indeed took substantial…

The workstation market appears to find a bottom in Q2’09

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Leading indicators point to better times ahead Hoping to erase some bad memories from the previous two quarters’ market results, vendors of workstations and professional graphics hardware had a lot riding on the second quarter of 2009. Considering the doom and gloom pervading global markets since last fall, Q2’09 managed to deliver on expectations that were modest, yet critical to providing an indication of the market’s direction. Q1’09 had showed more of the carnage that engulfed global markets in the fourth quarter of ‘08.  But mercifully, as the research firm had expected, Q2’09 showed some much-needed consistency in the market, adding…

Graphics Add-in Board shipments increase modest 0.2% from last quarter

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Overall shipments of graphics AIBs for the quarter came in slightly above the last quarter at 19.03 million units compared to 18.84 million for Q4’10. Shipments in Q1 2011 did not exceed the same quarter a year ago. Nvidia unit shipments decreased by 2% from Q4, while AMD increased 5.7% for the same period. Shipments during the first quarter of 2011 behaved according to past years with regard to seasonality but was lower on a year-to-year comparison for the quarter. In comparison, Q4’10 did not conform to the normal seasonal cycle, but was down a bit compared to previous years, so…

The workstation market slows to a more sustainable pace in Q1’11

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Fortunately and as expected, the workstation market has slowed down. After a robust rebound beginning in the second half of 2009 and continuing through 2010, the market has found a more modest and sustainable pace. While reduced growth might leave some disappointed, we see it as a healthy sign the market is stabilizing and averting a second dip, one that the related market for professional graphics hardware couldn’t avoid. Q1’11 is now in the books, with the quarter seeing 860.0 thousand workstations shipped worldwide, representing a 4.8% sequential decline and an 18.6% year-over-year gain. Both of those figures need to be…

Graphics Add-in Board Shipments Decline 15.2% from Last Quarter

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Overall shipments of graphics AIBs for the quarter came in below the last quarter at 16.1 million units compared to 19.01 million for Q1’11. The evolution of the graphics market has resulted in two major super-categories of graphics AIBs: those which carry Nvidia graphics chips and those which carry AMD chips. Nvidia GPU-based boards declined slightly by 0.1% from Q1, while AMD-based boards increased 0.1% for the same period. Sales of AIB products have been directly impacted by the rise of integrated CPUs from Intel and AMD, which have increasingly powerful graphics. Shipments during the second quarter of 2011 behaved according…

Workstation market behaves as expected in Q2’11

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It's been a while since the workstation market's behavior could be described as normal, but that's an appropriate one-word description for the second quarter of 2011 — not great, not bad, but pretty normal. And all things considered, normal is fine. Completing analysis of the workstation and professional graphics market for the second quarter, Jon Peddie Research senior analyst Alex Herrera finds that after the big economic bust of two years ago, followed by an atypically strong growth pattern last year, the market has calmed down in 2011. Not since the first half of 2008 has the market showed any kind…

“Steady as she goes” for the workstation market in Q4’11

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The workstation market proceeded ahead in the fourth quarter of 2011, completing a long climb back from the 2009 depths of the global economic recession that had slashed its shipments by over 40 percent. But that fourth quarter advance was more a case of "steady as she goes" than "full speed ahead". The market's fourth quarter followed a familiar storyline we've been laying out over the previous few quarters. The market has not only fully recovered from the recession, it's showing continued stability and some undeniable signs of strength. But at the same time, there remain scattered pockets of concern, as…

Q1 Graphics Shipments Decline 0.8% Over Last Quarter and Slip 3.38% Over Last Year

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We've announced estimated graphics chip shipments and suppliers' market share for Q1'12. Although this did not shape up to be a great quarter for the suppliers, it actually wasn't as bad as it could have been. We found that shipments during the first quarter of 2012 behaved according to past years with regard to seasonality, declining from the previous quarter; however, this quarter's decline (of 0.8%) was less than the ten-year average of 3.1%. If we use graphics as an indicator, the industry seems to be recovering from the floods in Thailand. We have modified our forecast since the last report,…

Graphics Add-in Board Shipments seasonally down from Last Quarter

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Jon Peddie

Seasonal drop is less than in previous years; AMD continues market share increase, but Nvidia still the leader Estimated graphics Add-in Board (AIB) shipments and sales’ market share for Q2’12. The JPR AIB Report tracks computer graphics boards, which carry discrete graphics chips. They are used in desktop PCs, workstations, servers, and other devices such as scientific instruments. They may be sold as after-market products directly to customers or they may be factory installed. In all cases, they represent the higher-end of the graphics industry as discrete chips rather than integrated processors. We found that AIB shipments during Q2 2012  did…

The workstation market remained sluggish in Q2’12

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Alex Herrera

The results from the workstation market's first quarter were disappointing, as it marked the first two consecutive quarters of negative growth since 2008. And if industry observers needed more evidence of the market's listlessness, they need look no farther than the second quarter's numbers. Workstation vendors shipped around 883 thousand workstations worldwide in the quarter, down 3.8% from the quarter prior and 2.6% from Q2'11. While the quarter proved disappointing, there does not appear any systemic weakness unique to the market. Rather, the market appears to be buffeted by the same winds that are affecting most other IT segments. Like any…