Is there any hope for discretes in laptops?

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If you were to listen to the “common” wisdom, IGPs will take over the notebook market. I doubt it. One of the reasons that IGPs won’t and can’t take over is the rapid changes and new features that are being added to notebooks. Most

On market consolidation and the search for intelligent life

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In the past several months we’ve seen the graphics market consolidate in two major markets: PC graphics and handheld graphics. This is not a new phenomenon; it happens in all industries including the CPU, display, and game console industry, and it isn’t over yet. Furthermore, when

The Emperor’s new clothes

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The industry was shocked when ATI couldn't ship enough X850 PE XTs to the retail channel, shocked and gravely disappointed—all but Nvidia, that is. Then when the X1800 XT was delayed there was more disappointment; what will we PC game enthusiasts do? Nvidia was there with the answer, the

It is all about the pixel

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Like the title says, it's all about the pixel. I've been told I never met a pixel I didn't like; doesn't hold true for some of their creators, however. When you stop to think about our industry, all the aspects of it, it really is all about the pixel—that's

What the Cell Isn’t

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No, it's not your next PC or server. Information on the new cell processor from Sony and IBM has been somewhat available to the geekily inclined public for quite a while now. So, I was very surprised by the questions I was being asked after the Cell's more official debut

The cure may be worse than the illness

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The CE industry is sick. No, the industry itself isn't unhealthy, quite the contrary, but its product offerings are making the consumers sick. Sick and tired of the changes, the incompatibilities, and the planned obsolescence. All the boxes look different—we've moved from walnut veneers to gray, to black, and

Life without Microsoft

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Microsoft is the company everyone seems to love to hate. It's partially due to their size, and aggressiveness, and the monopolistic control they have on the industry. And as you've heard me and others say, Microsoft has stabilized the industry by imposing their standards on it. I think it's fair

When you can’t go up you go out

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According to common wisdom Moore's Law allows us to scale up in the number of transistors used in a given space and increase operating frequencies, resulting in more functionality and faster operations, while keeping the price constant relative to current dollar values. It's been true since 1978 that I know of,

Why Tom Ridge is going to make my computer better

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CES was awash in HD. Everyone had some—to not have HD at CES was almost cause for non-admittance. Ah, but there’s HD and then there’s not HD, and lots of stuff called HD that isn’t. And during the conference I found myself

Visions for 2004

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During the holidays I asked the leading movers and shakers of the industries we track to share with us their visions and apprehensions for the coming year or two. Twenty-one of them responded, all of them busy with family and business, which I took to be the most flattering thing