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Gaming PCs and consoles; those damn numbers

Posted by Jon Peddie on August 24th 2010 | Discuss
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Jon Peddie
There's no lack of information about the equipment people use to play games. The trick is understanding the data and putting it to good use. Although far more PCs are used for gaming than consoles, game developers prefer to develop for consoles. Clearly, it's not just a numbers game.

Social Media #2 — Getting Started

Posted by Andy Marken on August 15th 2010 | Discuss
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Andy Marken
Andy Marken continues his how-to blog on Social Networking.

Social Media – A Company’s Friend, Foe

Posted by Andy Marken on August 2nd 2010 | Discuss
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Andy Marken
Marketer extraordinaire Andy Marken begins a series on social networking.