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Market Expansion? ISV’s hold the reins

Posted by Jon Peddie on October 31st 2010 | Discuss
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Jon Peddie
The major volume and/or super expensive software suppliers have had a free lunch for the past fifteen or more years. Basically making bug fixes and a few feature improvements they got performance boasts from CPU clock and pipeline improvements, plus I/O improvements, and dropping DRAM and disc drive costs with increased capacity – the ISVs have been the biggest benefactors of Moore’s law.

x86 isn’t do-or-die for Nvidia

Posted by Alex Herrera on October 29th 2010 | Discuss
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Alex Herrera

...but pass on x86, and the company better execute flawlessly on its GPU strategies and technologies

Intel's Sandy Bridge and AMD's Fusion are right around the corner, and the die-integrated combinations of x86 CPU and GPU have heightened the interest about how one very specific company will navigate this new landscape of SoCs. Nvidia, the dominant provider of discrete GPUs over the past decade, cannot make the same leap in silicon integration that its two key rivals will imminently launch. The simple reason: it has no x86 IP in its technology arsenal.