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Five years: yet another long strange trip …

Posted by Kathleen Maher on August 27th 2013 | Discuss
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Kathleen Maher

And in half the time! I was asked recently to write about the five most important market develop¬ments of the last five years. I have no idea why; David Letterman was busy or something. As I considered what I would write about, I found myself thinking about how

Systems thinking and the individual

Posted by Kathleen Maher on August 16th 2013 | Discuss
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Kathleen Maher

Companies and users are not on the same page Recently, I wrote an article in CGW about Adobe’s march to subscription and a long time Adobe customer sent a simple terse comment: ain’t ever going to subscribe, ever, she said. She, like so many people, hates

Seeing more

Posted by Jon Peddie on August 6th 2013 | Discuss
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Jon Peddie

Tablets have screen sizes from 7-inches to 20-inches and sell for $70 to over $1,200. They have PPI ranging from 132 to 339. Factoring that data for some of the more popular devices we produced the following chart of the cost per megapixel.   Ironically, the lowest cost tablet, the 7-inch Ematic ($75) got the