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Baby you can drive my car

Posted by Kathleen Maher on January 22nd 2014 | Discuss
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Kathleen Maher

So much of the news coming out of CES was focused around cars and robots that no one is even talking much about the latest, greatest, most giant TV in the world, whatever it is. A contender is Vizio’s 120-inch Ultra HD, Samsung’s high- and ultra-high-def 10

20 Pounds of AR

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 21st 2014 | Discuss
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Jon Peddie

”Good morning sir, and welcome to Waltmar,” the smiling older gentleman with wavy silver hair said, his false teeth shining in the sunlight, ” how can we help you today? We’re having a sale on 720p pixels, and there’s still some DVDs left if