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The Future of Visual Computing is Hybrid Reality

Posted by Ted Pollak on February 17th 2016 | Discuss
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Ted Pollak

The future of face mounted computing (sorry head; I choose to use face) will not be Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality; but a hybrid of both. To me, Virtual and Augmented Reality are not good names for hardware platforms. They are a way of experiencing computer generated information. For example.

Why Sony will win first in VR

Posted by Jon Peddie on February 3rd 2016 | Discuss

Jon Peddie

Ease of use, price, and one-stop shopping Now that Oculus has revealed its consumer version of the Rift HMD, consumers can start planning how they might engage with VR, and they have a choice—a DIY rig with a PC and Rift, or a turn-key system with Sony. Sony