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E3 Press event – press need not attend

Posted by Jon Peddie on June 16th 2010 | Permalink
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Against my better judgment I went to E3 two days early so I could attend the “press events” of the console companies. These events are often associated with some form (ahem) of entertainment. They are also oversubscribed, overcrowded, and usually uninformative. Why then are these megamillion dollar extravaganzas held? What’s the ROI for Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony? Good question. It’s a matter of impressions PR people live for and get measured by the number of impressions they deliver for the dollar. An impression is measured by taking the readership of a magazine, website, radio show, etc, and dividing the costs of…


Posted by Jon Peddie on August 10th 2009 | Permalink
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For a recession, in an off-the-beaten-track southern city, in the dead of summer, Siggraph had a robust turnout, My guess was that about 18k pixel-loving souls made the trek, but the actual count was a little over 11k. I saw a lot of old friends, some from Japan, some from Redmond,  some from Holland, France, and Finland – so the show was enough of a magnet for some people to make that kind of time and money investment in these challenging economic times. The emerging technologies had its usual array of wacky wonderful weird things; one of the most impressive was a huge feathery…