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Different strokes: AMD and Nvidia’s approaches are diverging in more ways than one

Posted by Alex Herrera on October 6th 2009 | Permalink
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It’s often hard in this business to draw clear lines separating two vendors’ technologies or products, as often they tend to converge on common solutions, the result of tackling the same problem with the same vision and set of priorities. And while it wouldn’t be

Playing with six monitors—is that a “full deck?”

Posted by Jon Peddie on March 8th 2010 | Permalink
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Here at Mt. Tiburon Testing Labs we're testing a lot of stuff as usual. However, the one system that will get a lot of attention from us and our readers is the six-headed ATI-based EyeFinity. The system consists of six 22-inch 1920 x 1080 displays - yes, that's 5760 x 2160 resolution in a 3

The New Visualization

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 10th 2010 | Permalink
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In order to design automobiles, airplanes, search for oil (or contain it), and examine artifacts like a 2000-year-old mummy, large scale visualization systems are needed.Visualization system can mean different things to different people so a little definition is required to avoid confusion and controversy.I make a distinction between