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First thoughts on CES and tablets

Posted by Kathleen Maher on January 10th 2010 | Permalink
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CES has dawned bright and clear. The crowds have come and there is interest in buying – or at least that’s how it’s looking now. Plenty of news is coming out of CES, but in the PC world, tablets are consuming the attention of the buyers in the aisles as well as reporters, and we’re pretty fascinated as well. For the past couple of years, Amazon and Sony have helped make a convincing case for the eBook as people are not only buying the devices, they’re downloading and reading more as well. In fact, according to a December report from the…

2011. What was that about?

Posted by Kathleen Maher on December 28th 2011 | Permalink
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Doesn't it seem like 2011 lasted a lot longer than a mere 365 days? This was a year that was up and down and up and down. In the tech world, the year officially starts in Las Vegas as CES. That's where we go to see the largest TV ever. I have absolutely no idea why this is important, but I think it's a guy thing. You can't buy the TVs they won't be practical for year but sure as Christmas, big TVs come to CES. As one technology starts reaching a practical limit, then comes the next.  And this year,…

Baby you can drive my car

Posted by Kathleen Maher on January 22nd 2014 | Permalink
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So much of the news coming out of CES was focused around cars and robots that no one is even talking much about the latest, greatest, most giant TV in the world, whatever it is. A contender is Vizio’s 120-inch Ultra HD, Samsung’s high- and ultra-high-def 102-inch curved TV. All the great and huge TVs will play hell with your interior design choices. Might as well give it up and put something pretty on the TV and let the couch continue to deteriorate. No one will see it. Lenovo came from the other direction of a big 28-inch 4K tablet monitor…