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TV revolutions; the struggle continues

Posted by Kathleen Maher on April 28th 2010 | Permalink
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Revolutions always take a long time. It's the shooting and fighting part that goes fast. At NAB it looks like we're just winding up the shooting and fighting part for S3D but that doesn't mean we know who wins. Clearly, obviously, and totally for sure man, 3D is going to be a fact of life in the movie theaters and it'll certainly be a novelty for home movies and sports. But, the thing is, TV watching is mutating so fast that we're not so sure what people will be watching in 2015 and what they'll be watching it on. We participated…

A New Model Cometh

Posted by Ted Pollak on April 29th 2010 | Permalink
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One of the biggest challenges for PC gaming is the revenue and refresh models. When I refer to refresh model I am talking about creating sequels. Often there is so much pressure to crank out another version of the game that sequels can end up deflating the franchise and ultimately hurting the game. Generally MMOG’s avoid this phenomenon because they add content along the way. This refreshes the franchise without forcing the gamer to the cash register for a new base software package. This is a better model and the only time the gamer should be forced to the cash register…