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With Nehalem, OEMs Xeon — not Core — for entry level, single-socket workstations

Posted by Alex Herrera on April 8th 2009 | Permalink
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Intel appears to be consciously shifting brand strategy ... and pricing accordingly When it comes to workstation volume, Intel’s Core brand has consistently garnered the lion’s share of unit shipments, with its sibling Xeon brand commanding a relative minority. That long-time status quo is now set to

Market Expansion? ISV’s hold the reins

Posted by Jon Peddie on October 31st 2010 | Permalink
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The major volume and/or super expensive software suppliers have had a free lunch for the past fifteen or more years. Basically making bug fixes and a few feature improvements they got performance boasts from CPU clock and pipeline improvements, plus I/O improvements, and dropping DRAM and disc drive

WebOS—the short term, instant developer opportunity

Posted by Mitchell Weinstock on August 25th 2011 | Permalink
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With all the discussion swirling around the sell off of the HP Tablet at $99 this week, there is a discussion point that has been overlooked. There is now a brand new business opportunity.Generally it is very hard to get developers to target devices that don’t have a