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WebGL Security - Kill it before it grows?

Posted by Jon Peddie on June 29th 2011 | Permalink
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When Khronos launched the WebGL specifications with strong backing from Mozilla, Google, Apple and Opera we thought at least peace had come to the 3D web valley. We should have known better; seems that there are competing vested interests in proprietary software and plug-ins that will put a few bumps

Tempests in tea pots, real time

Posted by Kathleen Maher on July 17th 2013 | Permalink
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Siggraph is almost here. For some this is a small show – and tragically it’s getting smaller, but it’s our favorite show in the world. It’s where our roots are. Over the years the show has been dominated by the Hollywood forces; more&rsquo

Five years: yet another long strange trip …

Posted by Kathleen Maher on August 27th 2013 | Permalink
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And in half the time! I was asked recently to write about the five most important market develop¬ments of the last five years. I have no idea why; David Letterman was busy or something. As I considered what I would write about, I found myself thinking about how

Technology is a state of mind

Posted by Kathleen Maher on August 21st 2014 | Permalink
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Samsung, Apple, Nvidia, Google, Microsoft—they’re competitors. How in the world did that happen? It happened because what you do is becoming more important than what you’re doing it on. We used to think Samsung built displays, and Apple built computers, Nvidia built graphics processors,

Is Xbox becoming a PC?

Posted by Jon Peddie on March 3rd 2016 | Permalink
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Microsoft unifies PC and Xbox One platforms into one ecosystem with Universal Windows Applications (UWAs) Microsoft announced over a year ago in January 2015, that it was bringing Xbox apps to Windows 10 PCs, and that would allow cross-platform play and a cohesive friends list across both platforms. In November, the Xbox