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Posted by Jon Peddie on August 6th 2013 | Permalink
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Tablets have screen sizes from 7-inches to 20-inches and sell for $70 to over $1,200. They have PPI ranging from 132 to 339. Factoring that data for some of the more popular devices we produced the following chart of the cost per megapixel.   Ironically, the lowest cost tablet, the 7-inch Ematic ($75) got the

20 Pounds of AR

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 21st 2014 | Permalink
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”Good morning sir, and welcome to Waltmar,” the smiling older gentleman with wavy silver hair said, his false teeth shining in the sunlight, ” how can we help you today? We’re having a sale on 720p pixels, and there’s still some DVDs left if