JPR press conference and panel discussion at LAVAL VIRTUAL

Laval Virtual

Event Date: JPR Panel discussion at Laval Virtual - March 24, 2:00PM-3:30PM
Location: Salle Polyvalente, Place de Hercé - Laval France

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Laval Virtual is one of the longest running, and most successful virtual reality conferences in the world. It has nurtured the virtual reality professional community,; educated students, developers, scientists, about the value of immersive visualization; and, the conference has provided a forum where new applications and technologies can be shared and explored.

JPR is excited to announce our participation at Laval, and we’d like our friends and colleagues in the press to come visit, have coffee and dessert. Get an update from Jon Peddie on the industry and participate in the lively discussion.

The speakers for this panel represent companies that have helped define digital visualization and also companies breaking new ground in visualization and entertainment including AMD, Crytek, DIOTA, ESI, and Immersion. They’ll discuss their first-hand observations of the industry and describe the fascinating work going on.

Dr. Peddie will open the discussion with a quick over view of the industry (brief historical sketch, some market numbers) and then ask the panel members to give a little bit about their organization’s experience and visions.

Then, we will move to the current issues of VR Headset in industry: how this one could be integrated in current working process?

And finally in entertainment, who are the new users? what are the requirements? How these technologies will change the practice?