16th Annual JPR Luncheon at SIGGRAPH - Creativity Engines

Event Date:

JPR Siggraph Luncheon

Wednesday, July 27th - doors open at 11:30AM

Location: HILTON ANAHEIM, Palos Verdes room (4th Floor, Concourse level) - 777 W Convention Way I Anaheim CA 92802

Complete Event Details...

Please join us for our 16th annual JPR SIGGRAPH Luncheon on July 27th at the Hilton Anaheim, adjacent to the Convention Center, Palos Verdes room.
This event which brings together, press, analysts, industry stars and innovators is an important stop for the SIGGRAPH experience.

This year the focus of our luncheon will be Game Engines Rising, come have lunch with us and join the conversation.

Creativity Engines

Game Engines are not just for games anymore. These programs give content creators a tool where the design, animation, story telling, interactivity, look and feel, lighting, are all elements that can be controlled and manipulated in one environment.

Game Engines aren’t new, but they are constantly evolving. By definition they have to be able to accommodate content from a wide variety of sources especially 3D modeling and animation tools, effects, programming, compositing, all the pieces of the puzzle that go into creating rich interactive content.

It’s no wonder that game engines are being used to create much more than games. We expect to see the term game engine gradually disappear for some of these tools and we’re already seeing the development of specialized applications for the production of film and interactive content.

At the annual JPR Luncheon we’ll be talking to the people about what they’ve been able to do with game engines, what they want to do in the future, and how this will affect the overall content creation market.


JPR’s luncheon is a popular event with spirited discussion, new product news, and great giveways. You can REGISTER below or RSVP at robert@jonpeddie.com or contact Robert Dow with any questions at:  415 435 9368