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JPR Luncheon Briefings AMD:  FirePro Graphics Accelerated Virtual Workstations and Applications

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Virtualization brings many benefits for both IT and for end users. The ability to access a desktop remotely from any device, including laptops, tablets, thin clients or smartphones, means users can always access key information and projects. This can help improve productivity and customer responsiveness, whether on the move, at the office, or even at home.

It’s now possible to take advantage of the processing power of the GPU to accelerate virtual applications and virtual desktops — all managed from one central, secure location. AMD FirePro™ S-Series server cards make it easy for IT to choose one flexible, scalable solution to meet various employee needs. 

Built on the powerful AMD Graphics Core Next Architecture and with GPU acceleration for mainstream virtualization technologies, AMD FirePro™ S-Series server cards can be tapped to deploy virtual desktops for more specialized media and entertainment plus design and engineering professionals, as well as traditional knowledge workers. AMD FirePro S-series cards are capable of delivering high quality graphics, low latency application streaming from the cloud, and enable remote access to user desktops.

With support for shared GPU technologies like Microsoft® RemoteFX and VMware® vSGA, one AMD FirePro™ S9000 server card can support multiple virtual machines and experiences for end users, helping to reduce the amount of hardware IT needs to support for each user. The AMD FirePro™ S9000 server card is certified for VMware vSGA and validated for RemoteFX, and the AMD FirePro S-Series family is compatible with virtualization technologies from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. Click here to learn more.

AMD SKY technology powers the ecosystem enabling AMD FirePro™ S-series server cards to power visual computing applications in commercial workflows.

AMD FirePro S-series cards and AMD SKY technology combine to enable high quality Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtualized Workstation installations by accelerating virtualized workstations and applications that reside in the cloud. With AMD FirePro S-Series server cards, engineering, financial, educational, medical and other workstation applications can be used seamlessly by professional users working on thin or zero clients but with native response times, for a graphically rich and highly response experience. Click here to learn more.

Delivering Workstation Experiences over the Corporate Network

A one of a kind solution, the AMD FirePro™ R5000 remote graphics card combines the power of AMD FirePro professional graphics with an integrated PCoIP processor from Teradici that enables the transmission and compression of pixels over the Internet, and allows users to access their desktops and information remotely. 

The AMD FirePro R5000:

  • Allows IT to centralize hardware in the data center for ease of management
  • Maximizes available workspace and helps keep the work environment cooler and quieter
  • Enables users to access their data and projects remotely from PCoIP enabled devices
  • Lets co-workers view the same workstation from different locations without data duplication
  • Keeps data safe and secure in the data center, only pixels are transmitted
  • Delivers performance experience on par with a physical system, including full 3D graphics
  • Provides VMware support to create multiple virtualized machines in one rack workstation to maximize density (1 R5000 per user model)

To learn more about AMD FirePro R5000 remote graphics, click here.

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  • Real-time video post-processing effects previews and color correction with Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
  • 4K video editing and post production workflows with Adobe® Creative Cloud, 
  • OpenCL™ accelerated 4K video editing, compositing and effects in Adobe Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade, Photoshop and more
  • Real-time visualization workflows with Lumiscaphe photorealistic real-time rendering solutions
  • Explore the cutting edge of graphics and see SolidAngle Arnold GPU prototype in action


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