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JPR Press Luncheon Briefing, Lenovo: The Technology Business is a People Business

By Rob Herman

Yes, we’ve experienced incredible advancements in technology that have produced innovations and content once unthinkable ten years, or even five years ago.  But, it is the people behind those ideas that make the final product come to life.  That’s why democratization is an important and permanent trend in our business – because it allows more people to bring their ideas to light.  History has shown that great ideas can come from anywhere and providing greater access to tools and “ingredient” components is critical to keeping those innovations flowing.

This is not about leveling the playing field - the dynamics of the free market will dictate the winners and losers.   Democratization is about further enabling progress for the greater good – whether that be creating the next generation energy source;  designing more energy efficient buildings and homes; developing the next enhancements in medicine; or creating jaw dropping visual and sensory experiences that further expand our imagination.  People come up with the ideas, people do the work, technology is the vehicle by which it becomes a reality.  One other thing…  people profit from this progress.   As technology providers, if we are not enabling this world, then we are not doing our jobs.

At Lenovo, we are about enabling people to achieve their goals and dreams.  Lenovo is “for those who do…”.   We’ve been delivering high quality technology to enable our customer’s dreams for over thirty years.  Whether it be our trusted ThinkPad laptops, ThinkCentre desktop PCs, or our ThinkStation line of workstation PCs, Lenovo has been enabling people to do great things with the confidence of highly reliable, highly innovative technology.

Our ThinkStation products, while only five years in the industry, have helped thousands of customers create their dreams by helping them run graphical and compute intensive applications.  From film and animation studios, to oil and gas exploration companies, to automotive manufacturers, to medical research labs – to name a few – we’ve delivered trusted hardware to the doers who are creating the next generation reality and revenue streams (and new jobs) for their companies.  We are proud to be making this contribution and look forward to delivering on this promise to even more customers in the future.

Rob Herman is Director of Worldwide Product and Vertical Marketing for the ThinkStation brand at Lenovo.  With over 20 years of PC industry experience, Rob has led the creation and delivery of game changing hardware and software in laptops, desktops and workstation PCs for customers all over the world.