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JPR Press Luncheon Briefing: DELL, Democratization=power + connectivity for creativity

The process of democratization is well underway and it is helping create a new generation of content professionals. Democratization means making powerful computers accessible and it means connecting those computers to amplify their power. 

South by Southwest (SXSW) is DIY taken to extreme. Artists, filmmakers, musicians, and web builders come from around the world to show each other what they can create and learn what more they can do. During SXSW Dell teamed up with The FADER to present live artist performances  via live stream. While partiers on-site at the FADER Fort danced to live music and beautiful content and effects on giant screens,  other music lovers around the world got to experience the same thing from their living rooms. In contrast to the action in front of the stage and online, the backstage control room was cool and calm. Control systems included Dell Precision mobile and tower workstations, high end displays and servers. The systems fit comfortably in a small trailer to power the live streams as well as the music on stage. See it at

The next generation of content creators  is putting off the shelf tools and systems to work to create movies, video and online content. Red Giant showed off the capabilities of its software tools at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show. The NAB community of content creators, news reporters, broadcasters, and TV executives are negotiating this digitally propelled era that’s changing faster than it can be documented, but many of these people are not waiting to see what comes next - they’re making it with the tools they have on hand. Red Giant demonstrated their tools with a short film, Spy vs. Guy by the award winning filmmaker Seth Worley. Worley revels in the short film format that is so well suited to exploiting mobile platforms and online video. His work includes Adventure Now (1, 2 and 3) Suburban Tumbleweed, and the Time Closet. Worley made Spy vs. Guy on Dell’s Precision M6700 mobile workstation and T7600 tower workstations using Adobe Premiere Pro and Red Giant’s Bulletproof plug-in software to manage the process with lightweight backup, file transfer, logging, and organizing. Worley, Red Giant, and Dell demonstrated that a small crew using a single laptop can create Hollywood-caliber, professional and entertaining content.

So, what happens when the budgets get bigger? Pixomondo has created special effects for some of the hottest TV and movie blockbusters. Their work includes effects for season two of Emmy-Award-winning TV series “Game of Thrones” and critical scenes in J.J. Abrams’ epic Star Trek Into Darkness, to name a few. Pixomondo relies on Dell workstations to create content and Dell infrastructure enables them to stay connected 24/7 with teams located all over the world in cities including London, Stuttgart, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Beijing and Burbank. Dell’s global media solution allows Pixomondo to sync large amounts of data across these global teams while greatly reducing storage costs. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t really matter what the budget is, as the more money and time that can be saved can be used to put better content on the screen. 

Dell comes to Siggraph 

Dell will be coming to Siggraph with its Dell Precision workstation portfolio designed by creative professionals for creative professionals. With the highest performing, most reliable, and smart design, Dell Precision workstations enable content creators and designers to unleash their creativity and design at the speed of light. The portfolio includes the world’s most powerful rack workstation, the new Dell Precision R7610, the smallest tower workstations, the new Dell Precision T1700 Small-Form Factor and Dell Precision T1700 Mini-Tower, the world’s most powerful mobile workstations, and the award-winning high-end tower workstations....  

Dell has also rolled out a new professional service, Dell Create, its multi-vendor Cloud for Content Creators, designed to help large broadcast companies, studios, creative shops and other media and entertainment customers dramatically improve their content workflows with a centralized IT environment.

Democratization, is it a good thing? JPR discusses big problems at the annual Siggraph Press Luncheon

The annual Siggraph luncheon hosted by Jon Peddie Research for press and analysts during the Siggraph conference provides a forum to discuss ideas like these. This year, the theme of the luncheon discussion is “Democratization,” which we’re seeing play out in a number of different ways. Democratization is great for small companies when powerful computers and software come down in price, but democratization also brings in more competition and price wars. At this year’s conference, the luncheon discussion promises to be wide ranging and passionate.

Dell comes has a long tradition of bringing high end tools to the mainstream. It is building a new tradition of helping its customers grow their capabilities to handle any task this fast changing world throws at them.
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