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Can today's virtualization technologies meet the demands of the entertainment industry?

Opportunities for Virtualization

Entertainment content makes heavy demands on available resources

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It has been nearly 50 years since Intel co-founder, Gordon Moore, observed that every two years, the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles in capacity. And as we all know, "Moore's Law" is now widely accepted as the benchmark for setting standards for innovation and development of new and powerful processor technologies within the semiconductor industry. Companies like Intel, and NVIDIA are at the forefront of new compute technologies, producing the worlds most efficient and powerful multi-core processors, scaling to meet the demands of even the most complex application workflows. But naturally, as the number of cores per processor continue to grow exponentially, the question must be asked,..."As an organization, are we truly maximizing and optimizing all of the compute power that we have in our infrastructure?" 

For over a decade now, virtualization hypervisor technology has proven to be an effective tool to manage and provision computational hardware resources within the datacenter and desktop environment, driving platform optimization and improving ROI. But as some of us know, this technology has not always been ideal for supporting visually intensive or 3D workflows such as content creation, special effects, and animation.

Fortunately, we live in a new era of virtualization, Intel's innovations with Virtual Technology for Directed I/O (VT-D) and NVIDIA's advancements with vGPU and GRID technologies, have created a new landscape specifically designed to support 3D workflows in the virtual environment. Artists can now create and render seamlessly within the virtual environment, locally, or remotely; from their desktop workstation, mobile workstation, or tablet, all without having to sacrifice performance.

At Lenovo, we anticipate evolutions in technology. We embrace change and innovation and build in it to every product we design. Whether we are creating a ThinkPad tablet, a ThinkStation workstation or ThinkServer, we qualify and test the latest virtualization and enablement technologies to ensure we optimize the design to produce the best and most intuitive platform available on the market today. We are dedicated to understanding the needs of the entertainment industry, and are happy to be in a position to deliver rock solid, reliable and efficient technologies to help you create and produce new and powerful content.