16th Annual JPR Luncheon at SIGGRAPH - Creativity Engines

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JPR Siggraph Luncheon

Wednesday, July 27th - doors open at 11:30AM

Location: HILTON ANAHEIM, Palos Verdes room (4th Floor, Concourse level) - 777 W Convention Way I Anaheim CA 92802


Please join us for our 16th annual JPR SIGGRAPH Luncheon on July 27th at the Hilton Anaheim, adjacent to the Convention Center, Palos Verdes room.
This event which brings together, press, analysts, industry stars and innovators is an important stop for the SIGGRAPH experience.

This year the focus of our luncheon will be Game Engines Rising, come have lunch with us and join the conversation.

Creativity Engines

Game Engines are not just for games anymore. These programs give content creators a tool where the design, animation, story telling, interactivity, look and feel, lighting, are all elements that can be controlled and manipulated in one environment.

Game Engines aren’t new, but they are constantly evolving. By definition they have to be able to accommodate content from a wide variety of sources especially 3D modeling and animation tools, effects, programming, compositing, all the pieces of the puzzle that go into creating rich interactive content.

It’s no wonder that game engines are being used to create much more than games. We expect to see the term game engine gradually disappear for some of these tools and we’re already seeing the development of specialized applications for the production of film and interactive content.

At the annual JPR Luncheon we’ll be talking to the people about what they’ve been able to do with game engines, what they want to do in the future, and how this will affect the overall content creation market.


JPR’s luncheon is a popular event with spirited discussion, new product news, and great giveways. You can REGISTER below or RSVP at robert@jonpeddie.com or contact Robert Dow with any questions at:  415 435 9368

Featured Speakers

Paul Doyle

Co-founder and Chief Executive, Fabric Software - As co-founder and chief executive, Paul Doyle is responsible for all aspects of running the company. With over 20 years in the media & entertainment software industry (Avid, Softimage, Autodesk), Paul has worked with film and games studios on a wide range of applications from animation tools to data pipeline and AI technologies, giving him a broad and deep understanding of customers’ business challenges and opportunities. Fabric has been working on data pipeline tools for getting assets and data to – and from – real-time engine targets and see a uniformity of challenges in this space across multiple 3D industries.

Jean-Colas Prunier

Creative Director, Crytek - Jean-Colas has worked in the VFX industry for more than 20 years. Inspired by a conference in which John Lasseter the world famous Toy Story director presented his early CG short films from Pixar, Jean-Colas decided to join ExMachina the foremost CG animation studio in Europe in the early 90s. He then moved to the US to work on breakthrough hardware-accelerared 3D rendering technology before joining ILM and shortly afterwards Weta Digital New Zealand where he worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong and Avatar among other films.

Jean-Colas joined Film Engine to bring together his experience of film production and passion for innovation and digital technology to the making of a the next generation of 3D content creation application.

Mark Schoennagel

Evangelist, Unity - Mark Schoennagel is a Unity Evangelist with a strong technical background in 3D Animation for both film and video games. For nearly 20 years he was the lead evangelist for Softimage 3D, enjoying a front-row seat during the renaissance of the 3D industry. From witnessing the humble beginnings of the first ray-traced animations all the way through to today’s blockbuster AAA game titles, he’s seen it all. When not pushing the limits of 3D, Mark enjoys Formula 1, photography and VR… which of course is just more 3D.

Milica Zec & Winslow Turner Porter III

Milica Zec is a New York City-based film and virtual reality director, editor, and screenwriter. Her directorial debut in the virtual reality medium was a short narrative piece called, “Giant,” which premiered at Sundance Film Festival New Frontier 2016. Since its premiere, “Giant” has been lauded as a seminal expression of the potential of virtual reality as a storytelling vehicle.

Milica has been collaborating for 9-years with the performance artist Marina Abramovic on numerous projects, including MoMA’s “The Artist is Present” show, and the successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign for Marina Abramovic Institute, for which Milica directed and created ten videos.


Winslow Turner Porter III (Producer, Co-Creator of “Giant”) is a Brooklyn based director, producer and creative technologist, specializing in virtual reality and large-scale immersive experiential installations. Winslow has always been fascinated with the possibilities of how the intersection of art and technology can elevate storytelling. Winslow started out as a feature film editor, but pivoted into art/tech after Graduating from NYU Tisch’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in 2010. With over six years of experiential work under his belt, he has helped create interactive art experiences for Google, Delta, Diesel, Merrell and Wired, to name a few. Winslow also produced the Tribeca Film Festival Transmedia Award-winning documentary CLOUDS, among other acclaimed new media projects. Since 2015, Winslow has been a member of NEW INC, the New Museum’s art, technology and design incubator program. Giant is Winslow’s 5th virtual reality project.

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