JPR Siggraph Luncheon - The long long road to 3D for all

Event Date: JPR Luncheon - Wednesday, August 2nd - Doors open at 11:30 AM
Location: JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE - 900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles


Where are we on that road—and where is AI in all this?

The use and size of 3D models is increasing and so are the applications you can use them in including graphic images, 3D printing, and animation. AR and VR are literally adding new dimension to those applications. Where that application resides is also changing. Microsoft has built 3D creation into its operating system with its Creators Update, Autodesk is refining its 3D content creation tools Make, ReMake, Fusion 360 to build a 3D creation environment, and Adobe is developing its Project Felix product to bring enable graphic and commercial artists to use 3D as easily as they combine 2D content elements such as photos, drawings, and scans. We are also intrigued by the possibilities of content creation tools available inside of VR such as Google Tilt Brush.

Different companies are taking different approaches and addressing different audiences but in the end the goal is to open up 3D content creation to more people. This is a long road and there are many failures along the wayside. What’s different now? What do we see coming in the future?  How does AI help the creative process? How closely are the professional hardware suppliers cooperating and sharing visions with the ever more nimble software suppliers? Roadmap projects between these symbiotic players are essential to making the future happen now.


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