Jon Peddie Research’s Press Luncheon 2012

Event Date: August 8, 2012 - Time: 11:45 to 14:00
Location: JW Marriott, L.A. Live - 900 W Olympic Blvd, in room PLAZA 3


Jon Peddie Research is hosting an informational luncheon for press and analysts at SIGGRAPH 2012.


The topic will be "Doing More with Multicore," and we'll have a distinguished panel to debate the different aspects of putting multiple CPU and GPU cores to work. What technology is best suited for what jobs? Or maybe a core just a core is just a core.

What does the future hold? New multi-core development strategies are being put to work for high-performance computing, for advanced rendering, for work in the cloud, but how does it play in the palm of your hand? The processors are multiplying in handheld devices, phones, and tablets. These new devices aren't just small computers ... or are they?


In addition to meeting with specialists and leaders in the computer graphics industry, we will also be raffling off some amazing gifts—over $2,500 worth of prizes contributed by our sponsors. The prizes include:

We’ll serve the buffet around 11:45 and open the doors a little earlier. The talks will begin at 12:15 to 12:30, depending on the dynamics of the room, and will last 45 to 60+ minutes, depending on the level of questions. Then we’ll do a raffle. Afterwards there will be networking and demo time.

In addition to all of the above prizes, JPR will give away two one-year subscriptions to our bi-weekly newsletter, TechWatch.

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Phil Miller Company: Nvidia Phillip Miller is NVIDIA’s Director of Product Management, responsible for professional software solutions. He's a 17-year veteran of the professional software tools industry, and joined NVIDIA in 2008. Previously, he managed entertainment products at Autodesk, web products at Adobe, and business development at mental images.

Phil holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Illinois, is a registered architect and co-author of multiple books explaining computer modeling and animation.

Panelist at Jon Peddie Luncheon, David Forrester David Forrester, CEO Company: Lightworks

41 year old Dave Forrester is CEO of Lightworks. Joining the company fourteen years ago, Dave rose to become a member of the Board of Directors in 2000 and subsequently lead a management buy-out from the original founders in 2006 - an event that lead to him being nominated as one of the most influential young business entrepreneurs in the North of England. Although his background is from within finance, Dave has a passion for seeing the creation of high quality renderings using the company's industry leading software products.

Panelist at Jon Peddie Luncheon, James McCombe James McCombe, Director of Ray Tracing IP at ImaginationTechnologies Company: Caustic Graphics, Imagination Technologies

James McCombe was the CTO and founder of Caustic Graphics, and the visionary behind their breakthrough ray tracing technology. Prior to Caustic, James was a lead architect and developer of Apple's OpenGL implementation now used by every Apple software product. He was also chief architect of the embedded rasterization algorithms for the rendering technology used in the iPhone and video iPod.

Panelist at Jon Peddie Luncheon, Rob Powers Rob Powers, Vice President of 3D Development Company: Newtek Worked on Avatar and other films.

Rob manages the design and development of NewTek's 3D products, leveraging his extensive experience in the visual effects and film production industry. Prior to joining NewTek, Rob worked with James Cameron, serving as animation technical director and creator and supervisor of the motion picture industry's first virtual art department for "Avatar," and as CG supervisor for "Aliens of the Deep." He also worked as virtual art department supervisor on Steven Spielberg’s team for the film “Tintin” which is jointly directed by Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Rob worked on Disney's "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" and Jet Li's "The One," and was a lead animator on season one of “Ally McBeal” including the famous 3D dancing baby. NewTek also enlisted Powers to use LightWave 3D® to create the first 64-bit Windows® animation, which was presented by Bill Gates in a keynote address. Rob Powers graduated from the University of Southern California's Cinema Production program, and attended the Academy of Motion Pictures, American Film Institute.

Rob Powers on IMDB:

Panelist at Jon Peddie Luncheon, Jacob Rosenberg Jacob Rosenberg, CTO Company: Bandito Bros

Born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley. He is a digital technology expert, author and filmmaker. For over a decade, Rosenberg has worked extensively as a senior consultant to Adobe Systems Inc., on Adobe's digital video software applications.

Jacob has contributed his technical knowledge to a number of feature film projects, including "Superman Returns," Martin Scorsese's Rolling Stones documentary "Shine a Light," James Cameron's "Avatar," and the upcoming independent film, "LBS."