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Intel Announces 60-Core Xeon Phi

Posted by Robert Dow on November 13th 2012 | Comments Closed
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Built on Intel's most 22-nanometer, 3-D tri-gate transistors, Intel is introducing two new Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor families.The Intel Xeon Phi 3100 family will offer more than 1000 Gigaflops (1 TFlops) double-precision performance, support for up to 6GB. Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor 5110P reaches 1,011 Gigaflops (1.01 TFlops) double-precision performance, and supports 8GB of GDDR5 memory at a higher 320 GB/sec memory bandwidth. With 225 watts TDP. Read more on the new 60-Core Xeon HERE.

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