Jon Peddie Research Surveys PC Gaming Hardware Market and Calculates Worldwide DIY / Upgrade TAM

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TIBURON, Calif. - March 23, 2010 - Jon Peddie Research estimates 46% of the dollars spent in 2009 on gaming motivated PC hardware were directed toward what the firm calls the Enthusiast class. This is the top-of-the line stuff: boutique PCs, high-end processors and graphics cards, SSD's, specialized gaming mice, keyboards, speakers, monitors, etc.

The Workstation Market Takes Another Sizeable Step Forward in Q4’09, says Jon Peddie Research

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TIBURON, Calif- March 1, 2010 -- Jon Peddie Research (JPR) reports robust results for the workstation and professional graphics markets in Q4'09, as the industry successfully plowed ahead, anxious to put the misery of late 2008 and early 2009 further behind. The multimedia and graphics research firm has completed its analysis of the