Add-in board market decreased in Q1’17 from last quarter, with Nvidia gaining market share

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Quarter-to-quarter graphics board shipments decreased 29.8%, and decreased 19.2% year-to-year. The add-in graphics board market dropped in Q1'17, decreasing -29.8% sequentially, explained Jon Peddie, president of the industry’s research consulting firm Jon Peddie Research. Market share shifts. The market shares for the AIBs based on the leading GPU suppliers shifted

Moderate sales in the first quarter, the GPU industry starts to gear up for Q3

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Overall GPU shipments decreased seasonally, -17.5% from last quarter. AMD decreased -25%, Nvidia decreased -26% and Intel, decreased -14%. Year-to-year total GPU shipments decreased -4.5%, desktop graphics decreased -13%, notebooks increased 2%. A three-month running average shows discrete GPUs (dGPU) increasing in overall market share against integrated GPUs (iGPU), for the