Astounding year-to-year growth in PC graphics; Quarter-to-quarter also beats expectations

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TIBURON, CA-January 26, 2010 - Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, announced today its estimated graphics chip shipments and suppliers' market shares for Q4'09. Figures for the year 2009 came in above expectations with a 14% year to year growth, an amazing comeback, in this year of retrenching and recession Table 1: Growth rates from 2002 to 2011   2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total Graphics Chips: 180.6 217.1 239.0 269.4 316.5 351.7 373.0 425.4 544.0 600.1 Annual percentage growth 20.6% 20.2% 10.1% 12.7% 17.5% 11.1% 6.1% 14.0%…

New JPR Study Demystifies Social Networks: What They Are, How They Work, How to Exploit Them

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TIBURON, CA-December10, 2009-Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for multimedia, today announced a new study on the Social Networking phenomenon and shows readers how to benefit from participating in it. The Social Web and its Implications: How “going social” changes everything about the Internet illuminates the subject in ways that inform both strategic and tactical users, and provides guideposts for further exploration and exploitation by the reader. “This is not just another study on how to use Twitter and Facebook for marketing. Instead, we hope to instill a broad understanding of the entire landscape,” said Dr. Jon…

The Workstation Market Regaining its Health, but the Road to a Full Recovery Won’t be Short

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The Workstation Market Regaining its Health, but the Road to a Full Recovery Won’t be Short: Jon Peddie Research TIBURON, Calif— December 3, 2009. So far, the second half of 2009 for the workstation market is proceeding according to the script Jon Peddie Research (JPR) had written several quarters ago. A recovery is surely taking hold, but rather than the fast and furious type, it’s shaping up more as the slow and steady variety. Q3’09 wasn’t a gangbuster quarter for the industry, but then it wasn’t expected to be. What JPR did predict was that the quarter would affirm two things:…

PC Gaming Hardware Forecast to Reach $27 Billion in 2010

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TIBURON, CA- November 19, 2009 -Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, today announced the market forecast for PC gaming hardware, and the results are better than previously expected. The worldwide PC gaming hardware market (systems, accessories, and upgrades) is forecasted to gain $1.2 billion for 2009, which is a 5.9% increase versus 2008 (from $20.07 to $21.26 billion). The increase is due to higher than anticipated consumer demand for Enthusiast, Performance, and Mainstream hardware influenced by the ability to play video games ranging from casual to hardcore simulations. Due to significant growth across…

The anticipated rebound for the graphics add-in board market materializes in Q3’09

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TIBURON, CA – November 12, 2009 — Better late than never. While a market rebound for graphics add-in boards (AIBs) didn’t occur in sync with the broader graphics hardware markets, it did eventually materialize in the third quarter, reports Jon Peddie Research. The market (along with most others) had suffered a major drop in Q4’08. Volume flattened in the first quarter as drained-down inventories regained some lost weight, and Q2’09 mercifully showed demand stabilizing and more evidence the market had bottomed. What was in store for the third quarter? The firm had been expecting a bounce in the second half, with…

PC Graphics Market Soars Over 21% says Jon Peddie Research

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Third quarter shipments of graphics processors jumped an amazing 21.2% over Q2, which was already a great quarter clearly signaling the holidays will be robust for PCs and the industry in general. AMD showed the biggest jump in quarter-to-quarter growth at 30% followed by Intel at 21%. Intel shipped the most parts at 63 million, over twice as many as its nearest competitor Nvidia. “A total of 119.45 million units were shipped in the third quarter, exceeding the record 111 million units that shipped in Q3, 2008,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research in Tiburon CA. “So the…

The workstation market finds a bottom in Q2’09, reports Jon Peddie Research

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Hoping to erase some bad memories from the previous two quarters’ market results, vendors of workstations and professional graphics hardware had a lot riding on the second quarter of 2009. Jon Peddie Research reports that, considering the doom and gloom pervading global markets since last fall, Q2’09 managed to deliver on expectations that were modest, yet critical to providing an indication of the market’s direction. Q1’09 had showed more of the carnage that engulfed global markets in the fourth quarter of ‘08.  But mercifully, as the research firm had expected, Q2’09 showed some much-needed consistency in the market, adding more evidence…

Jon Peddie Research more positives than negatives in Q2’09 for the graphics add-in board marke

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TIBURON, CA – August 26, 2009 — In a vibrant economy, the prospect of market stability isn’t an exciting one. It might even be downright disappointing. But given how bad global markets had tanked recently — both in reality and perception — signs of stability are very welcome and making many in technology markets breathe a collective sigh of relief. Jon Peddie Research reports that the market for graphics add-in boards (AIBs) demonstrated some much-needed firmness in Q2’09, adding more evidence that demand has bottomed and a recovery is in the offing. The quarter saw 16.81 million graphics cards shipped, up…

The CG Market will have a CAGR of 8% to 2013 Says Jon Peddie Research

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TIBURON, CA—July 29, 2009--The computer graphics industry has enjoyed almost non-stop growth since it was established in the late 1970s. Today, computer graphics hardware and software (not counting services, maintenance and other aspects) are worth $68 billion – that’s a mind boggling average growth rate of 16.5% for 28 years! Despite the recession, or maybe because of it, the market for all types of applications and hardware used in the computer graphics industry is growing at a prodigious rate and offers opportunities in many segments as companies invest today for the consumers of tomorrow. Hardware will continue to get better, and…

SIGGRAPH Graphics Pioneers Encourage the Graphics Community to Help Make it Right

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 28, 2009 – As the graphics community prepares for the annual SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition in New Orleans August 3-6, the SIGGRAPH Graphics Pioneers are asking the creative community to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina with monetary donations to the Make it Right Foundation. The SIGGRAPH Graphics Pioneers, an organization formed by scientists, engineers, artists, and industry professionals active in computer graphics since the inception of SIGGRAPH, have adopted a house being built by the Make It Right Foundation. There is no minimum amount required, donors are asked to give what they can afford. Together, let’s…