Overall GPU shipments increased 7.2% from last quarter, AMD increased 8% Nvidia increased 10%

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Year-to-year total GPU shipments increased 6.4%, desktop graphics increased 5%, notebooks increased 7%. This is the latest report from Jon Peddie Research on the GPUs used in PCs. It is reporting on the results of Q2'17 GPU shipments world-wide. Up to now, the GPU and PC market had been showing a return to

Jon Peddie Research: Multiple Displays can Increase Productivity by 42%

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Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, today revealed that information workers, designers, and engineers can realize up to a 42% increase in productivity through the use of multiple displays according to JPR's latest multi-monitor report. The 140-page report covers the results

CAD in the Cloud – Market Trends 2017

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Jon Peddie Research (JPR) and Business Advantage Group (BA) today announced the availability of their co-created report on CAD in the Cloud (CiC) to present a 2017 view of trends in this market. The report is based on a custom designed survey, fielded worldwide, together with other insights and additional industry

The overall CG market climbs to $147 billion by 2020

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Ever since it came into being during 1970s, the computer graphics (CG) industry has been a mixed bag of technologies, users, and applications, and has had for the most part a consistent (and lumpy) growth record. The growth, largely influenced by hardware, has slowed in the past couple of years

Gaming Consoles poised to explode in 2017

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Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, today revealed the TV-gaming market saw a slight dip in 2016 from 2015, but is poised to make a dramatic jump in 2017. The introduction of a 4K PS4, a new Xbox-one (Scorpion), and the take up of

Add-in board market decreased in Q1’17 from last quarter, with Nvidia gaining market share

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Quarter-to-quarter graphics board shipments decreased 29.8%, and decreased 19.2% year-to-year. The add-in graphics board market dropped in Q1'17, decreasing -29.8% sequentially, explained Jon Peddie, president of the industry’s research consulting firm Jon Peddie Research. Market share shifts. The market shares for the AIBs based on the leading GPU suppliers shifted

Moderate sales in the first quarter, the GPU industry starts to gear up for Q3

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Overall GPU shipments decreased seasonally, -17.5% from last quarter. AMD decreased -25%, Nvidia decreased -26% and Intel, decreased -14%. Year-to-year total GPU shipments decreased -4.5%, desktop graphics decreased -13%, notebooks increased 2%. A three-month running average shows discrete GPUs (dGPU) increasing in overall market share against integrated GPUs (iGPU), for the

Visual Processors and CNN—the next generation supercomputer

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TIBURON, CA-April 27, 2017-Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, today released its latest quarterly report on the Visual Processing Unit (VPU) market. VPUs are at the crossroads of image-processing, convolutional neural nets (CNN), machine intelligence, and the emerging augmented reality market. More

Workstation market shipment Increased 20% year over year

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The workstation market is thriving. In Q2, we’d reported results as inspiring. In Q3, we raved about results even better than the prior quarter, record-setting in fact. In Q4, we’re going to take that positive commentary up another notch. If a mature market like this one

Add-in board market increased in Q4’16, Nvidia gains market share

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Quarter-to-quarter AIBs shipments increased 5.6%, and 21% year-to-year. “The graphics add-in board market has defied gravity for over a year now, showing gains while the overall PC market slips. The silly notion of integrated graphics “catching up” with discrete will hopefully be put to rest now,” said Dr.