Seeing more, doing more; a guide to putting multiple monitors to work, or play

Posted by Jon Peddie on April 16th 2010 | Permalink
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Jon Peddie

We have been proponents of multi-screen displays forever, and have run almost every combination there is for over two decades now. Possibly the largest monitor in a cluster we ever had was a Sony 24-inch CRT Trinitron that weighed over 300 pounds. We’ve cabled notebooks to external monitors and built really powerful workspaces of three and four displays with effective resolutions of 4800 x 1200. We’ve tried the various Matrox Dual and TripleHead2Go combinations, and for the money we were pretty impressed, but the burden of driver tweaks limited the range of applications. The TripleHead2Go maps the GPU’s external display frame…

Nvidia GTX 480 benchmarks

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Kathleen Maher

Benchmarking is very time consuming and we have great admiration for those websites that get so much of it done right after an AIB is released. This is our second series of tests on the Nvidia GTX 480. Since it’s Nvidia’s flagship product, and has taken so long to get to market, we wanted to make sure we gave it the best tests we could do. As it was, due to monitor frustrations with DisplayPort, we were constrained to test at 1920 x 1080. However, as soon as we can get an active DP-to-DVI adaptor, or find a 30-inch 2560 x…

Reviewing the Boxx 4850 Extreme workstation

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Alex Herrera

... and another look at the AMD FirePro 8750 At JPR, we get several opportunities over the course of a year to check out OEMs’ new workstation models. And while we always see or learn one or two new things, by and large, the differences are usually relatively minor. After all, they’re all built from similar IHV-based components from Intel, Nvidia and AMD, so companies designing workstations with similar goals of price and price/performance are going to more often than not end up with similar results. And that’s precisely why we were eager to review the 4850 Extreme workstation from Boxx.…