New benchmarks - Radeon HD 5870 Review

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Kathleen Maher

Two new games are out, or will be shortly, and they run DirectX, even though they look like re-ports from a console platform. Nonetheless they do have interesting effects and lighting in them, and give a GPU an interesting workout. “Mafia II” Developed by 2K Czech (previously known as Illusion Softworks), “Mafia II” is published by 2K Games and was first announced in August 2007 at the Leipzig Games Convention. Developed originally for PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, a PC version will be out soon. A 3rd person shooter, driver, maze game with a pretty linear track, the graphics are good,…

Reviewing the HP Z400 workstation and Fermi-generation Nvidia Quadro 5000

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Alex Herrera

Our first look at 6-core Westmere (Gulftown) and professional-grade Fermi Two major advancements in workstation platform technology have appeared over recent months, and JPR has had the good fortune to review both, and at the same time no less. Intel’s 32 nm Westmere processor generation made its first splash in early Q1, appearing as both mobile Arrandale and desktop Clarkdale, two dual-core CPUs with in-package 45 nm graphics controllers. The two were the first processors to market to encapsulate both CPU and GPU in a single package (though not a single die). A more recent member of the Westmere family is…