Android vs. Android vs. Android

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Kathleen Maher

A look at the Motorola Droid 2, LG G2X, Sony Ericsson Experia Play We’re swimming in Android phones right now. We have a (slightly) older Droid 2 that’s actually in use as my working phone, a brand new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and an LG G2X. The Droid 2

The future is now: PC on your TV

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Ted Pollak

  Imagine being able to launch an Internet browser (any browser) on your television screen from the comfort of your couch. Imagine being able to visit social and business networking sites, write a paper or letter in a word processor, create, review, and edit spreadsheets, view and edit family photos

Duking it out in the low-end: AMD HD 6450 vs. Nvidia GT 520 Reviews

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Robert Dow

This week we focused on the entry level market and tested three AIBs, the Nvidia GT 520, and two versions of AMD boards: the HD 6450 and 6450 GDDR5. Some would argue that any board coupled with GDDR5 belongs in the mainstream segment, however we take a look at price as the determining

Review the AMD 6000 Series

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Robert Dow

Covers the low end with refresh parts for the mainstream gamer AMD rounded out their 6000 line with the introduction of the "Turks" line of add-in boards. AMD who was first to market with DirectX 11 AIBs points out that developers are no longer making DirectX 10 games. Even "World of WarCraft," the